Jerusalem is not Al-Aqsa |

TBC Staff

Saudi Arabian lawyer, Osama Yamani, claimed last November [2020], that “Jerusalem is not Al-Aqsa.” Yamani is referring to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where the iconic Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque stand. Muslims believe Mohammed was transported there from the great mosque in Mecca in a night vision. However, Jerusalem is never mentioned in the account, only the title Al-Aqsa, which means “farthest mosque.” Yamani argues the Saudi town Al-Ju’ranah fits the account better.

Tension has always existed between Islam and Judaism over this important plot of land. For the Jewish people, this site is number one when it comes to significance, and for Islam, it’s the third most Holy site to them. However, this month, certain Saudis conducted a Twitter campaign downplaying the importance of Jerusalem to Islam and one Saudi even expressed hope that the third Jewish temple would soon be built there. These are words I never thought I’d hear in my lifetime.

[TBC: Dave Hunt in a May 2001 radio broadcast noted: "In fact, the Qur’an does not tell you [Al-Aqsa] was Jerusalem. I said Jerusalem was not mentioned in the Qur’an. Surah 17:1 speaks of the Al Aqsa, ‘the far place of worship.’ ”Well, it couldn’t have been Jerusalem because Jerusalem was never a place of worship for Muslims. This was a belief that came later. So, nobody even knows where Al Aqsa was. It’s a far place of worship to which Mohammad journeyed on his magic horse and launched from there without witnesses into heaven, supposedly. But we are praying for the real peace [of Jerusalem] and the passion of our hearts is for people to be saved.”]