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TBC Staff

ISLAMIST extremists are holding Sharia trials in British prisons and grooming young Muslim inmates, a probe found.

Punishment beatings have been dished out and banned books have circulated, prompting security experts to seek a review of terrorist radicalisation in jails.

The issue is under scrutiny after Usman Khan, 28 — a Category A terrorist inmate freed on licence — killed two people at London Bridge last month before cops shot him dead.

One ex-prisoner at HMP Woodhill, Bucks, claims he was lured into a group pledging allegiance to IS.

He told The Times he found himself sitting in judgment at a cell-block court over two prisoners who had supposedly disrespected Islam by drinking alcohol.

The ex-head of Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command, Richard Walton, and Ian Acheson, who has led a review of jail extremism, said reforms to tackle the problem had ground to a halt.

Mr Walton added: “It is unsurprising radicalisation continues to be a significant challenge, owing to the success in recent years of convicting high numbers of Islamist terrorists for plotting attacks.”

(Chloe Kerr, JIHADI JAILBIRDS Islamist extremists holding Sharia trials and grooming young Muslim inmates in British prisons,” The Sun Online, 12/23/19).