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TBC Staff

If Islam is the Black man’s true identity, why do African Americans who convert to Islam have to pray in Arabic to "Allah" (Arabic name for God), recite the Quran in Arabic and repeat many Arabic religious terms and phrases? If they change their name, why is it always an Arabic name?" Why Arabic and not Swahili, Hausa, Sango, Zulu or any of the other ethnic African languages? African Americans who convert to Islam are encouraged to wear the long flowing Arabic style of dress natural to living in a desert climate rather than one of the African styles of dress developed for living in the tropics or the savanna. Many women are told they must wear the Arabic "hijab." It seems that being a Muslim means being Arabic, not African! How can becoming an Arab be "as natural as breathing" for an African? (http://answering-islam.org.uk/Bailey/which_roots.html).

[TBC: Considering the ongoing displacement and slaughter of Black Muslims in the Darfar region of the Sudan, any claims to Islam as the solution to the wars of the world are demonstrably false].