Question: Were you aware of [Hank Hanegraaff's] statement [about you]? |

TBC Staff

Question (representative of several recent inquiries): I was shocked at the response a friend recently received from Christian Research Institute (CRI) on a printed form titled “To answer your question regarding Dave Hunt.” It stated, “Although we consider Dave Hunt to be a brother in Christ, we do not agree with his conclusions regarding Roman Catholicism, psychology, conspiracy theories in the New Age, and a few other areas. Dave Hunt is not a scholar, and we feel that he has not researched these subjects thoroughly and objectively.” Were you aware of this standard statement?

Answer: Yes. Several years ago my publisher complained to Hank Hanegraaff about this stock response and he was supposedly going to “take care of it.” However, nothing was changed. I am saddened by such an unwarranted response. Actually, it says more about CRI than about me. I’m not a scholar? How is that defined? In spite of more than 800 footnotes in A Woman Rides the Beast, I’m not thorough in my research? And they disagree with every one of my “conclusions regarding Roman Catholicism”?! I’m not right on anything?! And they agree with nothing I say about the evils and dangers of psychology? Yet we met with Hank and his staff for an entire day on this subject and seemed to be largely in agreement, at least in private. Then why this complete public disagreement?

As for “conspiracy theories in the New Age, and a few other areas,” I don’t know to what they refer. And here we have a major problem: the lack of specifics. They condemn almost everything I’ve ever said or done, but without documentation. I don’ t make statements like that—not about CRI or anyone else. In fairness to me and to those who ask about me they ought to be specific and document the reasons for such serious disagreement.

Their final criticism is the harshest: that my work is not done “objectively.” As well as being incompetent, am I also unfair, dishonest, biased, driven by emotion or bigotry? Apparently CRI can even pronounce judgment upon my heart! Fortunately, we serve God and not man, and the final judgment is in His hands, and before Him we must all stand very soon. May that awesome fact keep us honest, careful and Christlike in all of our service for Him.