Question: So many of the political leaders holding high office in our country are Masons that I wonder what role Masonry will play in the coming world government and religion. What do you think? |

TBC Staff

Question: So many of the political leaders holding high office in our country are Masons that I wonder what role Masonry will play in the coming world government and religion. What do you think?

Response: Masonry has all the elements of the coming ecumenical world religion, which will unite all religions. According to its own documents, it comes from pagan religions and occultism and involves the Mason in oaths and rituals which are a blasphemy against the God of the Bible and are opposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Masonry’s false gospel assures members that through good works and obedience to its tenets they will reach the Celestial Lodge in the Sky presided over by the G.A.O.T.U. (Great Architect of the Universe), which is “God as you conceive him to be.” Masonic authority Carl H. Claudy writes, “Masonry...requires merely that you believe in some deity, give him what name you will...any god will do, so he is your god” (Little Masonic Library, Macoy Publishing, 1977, 4:32). How is that for an ecumenical embrace of all religions!

In the initiation into the very first degree, the Lambskin represents “that purity of life and conduct which is necessary to obtain admittance into the Celestial Lodge above, where the Supreme Architect of the Universe presides.” In the 19th degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry the initiate is told that attachment to Masonry’s “statutes and rules of the order” will make him “deserving of entering the celestial Jerusalem [heaven].” In the 28th he is told that “the true Mason [is one] who raises himself by degrees till he reaches heaven” and that one of his duties is “To divest [him]self of original sin....”

One of the greatest authorities on Masonry was Albert Pike, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern Supreme Council of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the U.S.A. and “an honorary member of almost every Supreme Council in the world” (Albert G. Mackey, 33rd degree, and Charles T. McClenachan, 33rd degree, Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, The Masonic History Company, 1921, rev ed, 2:564). He authored Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for the Supreme Council of the 33o, which was published by its authority. This compendium of official Masonic lore clearly traces Masonry to Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and other Eastern religions. Albert G. Mackey, co-author of Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, is also one of Masonry’s highest authorities. In his Manual of the Lodge he traces Masonic teaching back to “the ancient rites and mysteries practiced in the very bosom of pagan darkness....” (Albert G. Mackey, Manual of the Lodge, Macoy and Sickles, 1802, p 96).

At the heart of Masonry is a secret Luciferian doctrine which a Mason only comes to understand as he reaches the higher levels. Manly Palmer Hall, one of the greatest authorities on Masonry, writes, “When the Mason...has learned the mystery of his Craft, the seething energies of Lucifer are in his hands....” (Manly Palmer Hall, The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, p 48). The Apostle John warned that those who deny that Jesus is the only Christ and that He came once and for all in the flesh have embraced the spirit of Antichrist (1 Jn:4:1-3). That Jesus was not the Christ, but that He had attained to the state of “Christ consciousness” available to all mankind, is again part of Masonry:

Jesus of Nazareth had attained a level of consciousness, of perfection, that has been called by various names: cosmic consciousness, soul regeneration, philosophic initiation, spiritual illumination, Brahmic Splendor, Christ-consciousness. (Lynn F. Perkins, The Meaning of Masonry, CSA Press, 1971, 53).

Masonry is a secretive anti-Christian cult: its members are told what to believe and must swear, on pain of death, never to reveal to anyone what goes on behind the Lodge doors. We accuse Masonry of exactly what it claims for itself: to become the world religion. We have previously quoted in a prior issue the prayer to which “Christian” Masons assent when entering the 31st degree of the Scottish Rite: “Hear us with indulgence, O infinite Deity....Let the great flood of Masonic light flow in a perpetual current over the whole world and make Masonry the creed of all mankind.” (Jay Blanchard, Scottish Rite Masonry Illustrated, Charles T. Powner Co., 1979, 2:320).