Question: ...You goofed [in saying that] Eve...passed on [the sin nature.] Christ would have been tainted through His mother, Mary, since He was “born of a woman.”...the sin nature...was passed on by Adam. |

TBC Staff

Question: First, let me commend you on the stand you have taken to be faithful to the Word of God....But I think in your February newsletter you goofed when you said, “That the story of the fall in the Garden of Eden is not myth but history is proved by the fact that all of Eve’s descendants are obsessed with the very lie she embraced...the passion to become a god.” On the contrary, “...through one MAN sin entered the world...” (Romans:5:12)....If Eve had passed on these traits, Christ would have been tainted through His mother, Mary, since He was “born of a woman.” But the sin nature...was passed on by Adam....

Response: I know of neither biblical nor scientific basis for saying that the sin nature is passed on by the father and not by the mother. Surely you are not adopting the Roman Catholic view that Mary had to be without sin to give birth to Christ. She said, “My spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour” (Lk 1:47). Only sinners need a Savior, and Mary, like every other person, was a sinner.

The entire Bible is undermined by the Roman Catholic teaching that Mary was conceived without sin and was kept from sin all her life and thus did not die (death comes by sin) and was taken alive into heaven. If God could keep Mary from sin, why not Adam and Eve—and all of their descendants as well? This world would still be a paradise without any evil and Christ would not have needed to die.

That Mary was a sinner, however, does not mean that she would have contaminated Christ. His body was created pure in her virgin womb by His Father, just as Adam’s was created in the Garden. Thus He is called “the last Adam” (1 Cor:15:45).

Yes, “through one man sin entered the world.” This does not mean, however, that the sin nature comes through the father and not the mother. It comes through both. Adam is held accountable because he was created first, was the head of the household and, though “not deceived” (1 Tm 2:14) he joined Eve in her sin. I referred to Eve because she believed Satan’s lie (“the serpent beguiled Eve” - 2 Cor:11:3; “the woman being deceived was in the transgression” - 1 Tm 2:14) and that same delusion afflicts the entire human race. However, Adam and Eve were partners in sin and we are descended from both of them. Eve sinned in deliberately disobeying God and so have all of her descendants—and Adam’s—without exception.