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MacDonald, William
Farstad, Arthur

Charles Shultz, the talented creator of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Linus Van Pelt, and the whole “Peanuts” gang, brought out a book of cartoons of young people in a church or young people’s meeting setting. It is called Young Pillars. One of the cartoons shows a gangly teenage boy on the phone, apparently saying to his girl friend: “I’ve begun to unravel the mystery of the Old Testament—I’ve started to read it.”

It’s surprising how many believers read books about the Bible—commentaries, word studies, dictionaries, geographies, sermons, etc., and spend too little time in the sacred text itself. By all means use these and other sound biblical helps—but remember that’s all they are—helps.

William MacDonald and Arthur Farstad, Enjoy Your Bible! p.15