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TBC Staff

Dear Mr. Hunt,

I have been reading your books with intense interest for quite some time now….I must say that I have enjoyed every page and am still enjoying them….A Cup of Trembling—what a cracker of a book it is! I have read it through and through and still never get tired of reading its pages. The depth your books bring to the subjects is just mind-boggling. You wonder why you have such a very special place in my heart? CN (United Kingdom)

Dear Dave, Tom and Everyone,

We’ve utilized your books and study materials since around 1985, and for the most part have lived in agreement with nearly all you teach….Our hearts grieve over the emptiness and shallow teaching of the “word faith” so-called ministries….I always try to convince Christians to read their Bibles. Some try, but are convinced they can’t understand. They are so convinced they must live by their “confession.” I hurt for these brethren. They are confused, they know they are confused, yet they stay and get worse. How sad. RD (WV)

To whom it may concern:

I’m writing in regards to a little book I came across titled Battle for the Mind by Dave Hunt. The other day my cellmate threw this book in the trash and something inside compelled me to go retrieve it. As I began reading it later that night, I realized that there was a lot of great information within its pages. The book opened my eyes to some serious information I never knew regarding the “mind philosophies” that are out there. God bless you. ED (prisoner, PA)

Mr. Hunt,

We learned a lot about how much God helps us and fights for us the two years we lived among crack cocaine dealers and addicts. A lot of Christians are so successful in this world that they can afford to live in better neighborhoods and even own their own homes. But Jesus said the righteous shall live by faith, and we have to because we are not able-bodied or wealthy. Every day is a struggle just to get by, and yet Jesus has assured us that He will be with us in this struggle. MD (FL)

To The Berean Call,

I have a question for your ministry: Will Dave Hunt debate James White as he agreed multiple times in the past to do? James White has called him out many times on his radio show. Will Mr. Hunt step up and be a man or just hide behind the outlandish personal attacks he made on Dr. White in his book? This is a matter of God’s truth and if Dave Hunt has any integrity he will do one of two things: 1) debate White as he promised to do, or 2) retract his entire book What Love is This? I’ve read a couple of Hunt’s books and used to think of him as biblically sound. I can’t possibly say that now—unless he proves me wrong by debating Dr. White. DM (IN)

[TBC: Dave Hunt and James White are working together on a book debating the doctrines of Calvinism, which is to be published by Multnomah Publishing Company.]

Dear Friends at TBC,

I appreciate The Berean Call magazine very much. As soon as it arrives it is read carefully and applied in my everyday life as a Christian. Many times it has been an eye-opener as I learned to see things from a different angle. You yourself know how important it is in our time to have Scripture as a guiding light. TBC helps greatly in discerning the truth. HW (Canada)

Dear BC,

For years I have purchased Dave Hunt’s books (he is my favorite author)….This week I lent a coworker Occult Invasion because she is involved in yoga. I am anxious for her to return the book because it is more precious than gold, but I know we are to lead people to the truth and lift them up in the name of the Lord and Savior. AA (GA)

Dear Mr. Dave Hunt,

      I read your book A Woman Rides the Beast and I have been shaken from head to toes. I confess that I wept on my reading, knowing several persons [who] have departed from the true faith. JS (Puerto Rico)

Dear Mr. Hunt,

      A friend here at work told me about your Berean paper and then gave me some of his copies. I really cherish each [one] and am saving them for future re-reading. I guess you could say that I am at the “fall” of life as far as seasons go, but I marvel at our God and Savior. Where was my head in all the wasted years? LB (AZ)

Dear Dave,

I am sure if I hadn’t heard from the mouths of my two pastors (both recent graduates of Seminary) expounding some of the beliefs of Calvinism which I had never heard from any pastor before in the 50 years I have been a member of the Presbyterian church, I, too, would probably have thought Dave had just been “carried away”….Their view of salvation…that to say you “believe” would be considered a work….baptism of infants of believing parents would mean they were saved…Is this what Scripture refers to as “wolves in sheep’s clothing”? GM (IL)