TBC Notes - Privileged Prayer Time | thebereancall.org

McMahon, T.A.

Privileged Prayer Time

One of the wonderful aspects of being involved in a Christian ministry is that we have the opportunity to gather together for a time of fellowship (praise reports and prayer requests), prayer, and a brief reading and discussion of the Scriptures. That's how we begin each day here at TBC, and I consider it a great privilege, especially because it occurs at our workplace!

The routine is slightly different on Thursday mornings. That's the day we've dedicated to intercessory prayer. Much of our correspondence contains requests from those who ask for prayer for themselves, loved ones, or others the Lord has put on their hearts.

Not only are we blessed to pray for the specific needs of all who share them with us, we truly covet your prayers for us as well, much as Paul asked, "Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified...."