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Dear Mr. Dave Hunt and Staff,
Thank you so much for continuing to preach the Word of God. Thank you for saying to me that the Holy Bible is our final authority! Last December I broke my hip and they replaced it with an artificial one. I am 80 years old. During those seemingly interminable times of pain I received your monthly The Berean Call. [It was] a glimmer of light that seeped through my darkness and I experienced joy. Mr. Dave, you have a divine mandate from God to extend grace to those in need! God bless you and yours and the staff. FC (IA)

Dear Folks at the Berean Call,
Thank you for your regular bulletins. Your recent [articles] on "The Value of Suffering" have been an encouragement. A major stroke four years ago robbed my husband of speech and movement down the right side of his body....He has required 24-hour nursing care since. Four years on, a book could be written on the Trials of Suffering but more importantly on "The Value of Suffering" and what the Lord has taught me--to be able to worship Him in the strangest of places, in the most trying of places, to honor and glorify Him even in the midst of suffering and adversities. "Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let your glory be above all the earth!"  CT (New Zealand)

Dear Berean Call and Dave Hunt,
I have loved your paper for years--and look forward to reading them all over and over! Whenever I need real help understanding difficult Scriptures or need the right answer for someone, I turn to you--all of you! I have saved every single issue for years, for understanding and my growth as a Christian. PS (WY)

Dear T. A. McMahon,
I got to know your ministry in the 1990s when somebody lent me a copy of The Seduction of Christianity [just as] a men's ministry started in our church and we became aware of strange teachings and influences. I felt so heavy inside when I read the book. It started me on a journey of a couple of years of studying and investigating God's Word....My faith in the Lord grew in leaps and bounds. I was fortunate to meet Dave when he visited...South Africa in the 1990s....I briefly spoke to Dave and shall always remember what he said to me: "Don't ever lose your spirit!" It has meant so much in my life over the years....Thank you for presenting the gospel so that even a child can understand....My partner in business told me that her husband got saved through reading Dave's book An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith and the Bible....What I appreciate of you [Tom] and Dave is that you speak the truth in love, and I could learn that from you. CH (South Africa)

Dear TBC Staff,
I just finished reading the April 2010 newsletter, and the article "The White Box" by Barbara Romine was very encouraging. Thank you, Barbara, for sharing your testimony about the Lord's faithfulness. I needed to be reminded about how deep and wide the grace of God is and how I need to lean on Him moment by moment in my trial. It is not a physical sickness, but it still hurts. FW (IL)

Hello Dave,
I just wanted to extend deep and sincere thanks for all of the work you do in the name of the Lord Jesus. You have edified and encouraged me greatly in the faith over the past five years. Although I was a Christian prior to first listening to you and T. A., I had become complacent. Your ministry has informed me greatly about events in the world and has prompted me to speak the truth in love by the Holy Spirit. SL (email)

Dear Dave,
Your April newsletter was the best ever--a pure and easy way to witness to others! Thanks, Dave. You and T. A. are in our prayers. JB (TX)

Dave and T. A.,
Thank you for all of your ambition for doing God's work in these last days. I used to go to a Vineyard church and cannot believe how deceived I was. You are such Godly men and great watchmen for people who lack discernment. I enjoy and completely look forward to your newsletters, website, and YouTube videos. I tell everyone I know about The Berean Call. TBC is one of the only sites I trust. I hope you both live to be at least 100 years old because men like you are very, very rare. You speak truth when nobody else will. NS (email)