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This ministry has blessed my walk with the Lord. I was first introduced to Dave over 15 years ago. I recently sought out his ministry to help me understand the wide-sweeping and destructive trends in the church today. Like so many I’m heartbroken over the condition of the church, but understand that it must happen according to scripture. I was delighted to find [Dave’s ministry] still teaching the truth of God’s word and to hear the testimony of T. A. I fear that many of my family entered eternity with more faith in the Catholic Church than Christ. The state of Louisiana is a stronghold for the Catholic Church and I was born and raised [there]. I love that this ministry is very different from so many radio and TV ministries today….Thanks so much for inspiring this younger believer to search the scriptures daily. If we never meet on this earth, I’ll see you in heaven. DA (email)
Dear Berean Call Staff:
I am a prisoner and have been receiving your newsletter for some time now. I wanted to assure you all that I have utilized your publication quite successfully within these oppressive walls to effectively evangelize among my fellow brothers in chains. Your newsletter gets passed along the blocks and never fails to promote rich and deep spiritual conversation among many of my fellow prisoners. I cannot count the times I have seen the guys open up their dusty Bibles to review and test the intriguing topics discussed within the Berean Call newsletter. Of course I also find myself in deep study of God’s Word each and every month as I review your blessed publication from cover to cover…. RS (PA, prisoner)
Just a note to say thank you so much for The Berean Call. It’s the one piece of mail that I look forward to receiving. Its Bible message is just what we all need....I use your material to teach my adult Sunday class and they love it. LH (PA)
Dear Dave and Tom,
Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your faithful dedication to our Lord and His word! The Lord has blessed us so much in the past few years. After we retired…my husband found a book he had been given twenty years earlier but [had] never read. We [were] Christians during these years but had walked away from the churches after being drawn into a cult in one of the biggest churches here in [our city] by one of the pastors. We were…astonished by this experience [when] after this cult was made known to the main pastor, the whole matter was swept under the rug….
Anyway, back to the book set aside for so many years. It was The Seduction of Christianity and how it opened our eyes to the direction the Lord has for us now in our retirement years….
Once [my husband] finished [reading] Seduction he went on to read many more books by both of you, as well as others from TBC. We spend hours in the Word and watching the collection of DVDs we also have.
Over the years, as we have spoken up about error and false teaching in the church, we have been called judgmental, unloving, holier than thou, etc., and this silenced us for awhile, but no longer! ED (CA)
Hi Dave,
I thank Jesus Christ for His will in your vessel to bring us prophecies and truth through the Berean movement. I heard about you from friends at my church and I have been greatly encouraged after hearing you on YouTube and DVDs. I just want you to know your work is greatly received by many people I know in Sydney, Australia. Keep up the good fight and I know I will meet you in Jesus’ Great Kingdom. NR (Australia)
Dear Dave and T. A.,
Regarding the subject of dowsing [2/12 Q&A], there is nothing mysterious or spiritual about it. It is the minerals in the water that cause the reaction to the dowsing rod. This can be proved because if water has the minerals removed the same reaction is not caused.
Years ago I worked in an engineering office and when I asked about the subject, the chief engineer came out of his office with a huge file to show me and told me that the government spent a great deal of money researching the subject because they got so many inquiries from the public.
I wondered about it for years, then, a few years ago, I discussed the subject with a civil engineer from my church who [dowsed] for our church well and he explained that he learned this from his experience.
Since I have learned so much from Dave and T. A. over the years, I just thought you might like to know. MW (NY)
To those of the Berean Call,
I’m writing to express a comment regarding the April 2012 issue of The Berean Call newsletter.
It saddened me that not one word was mentioned in your newsletter regarding the respectful remembrance of the Season of Easter. And our Lord’s enormous Sacrifice and Suffering upon the Cross on our behalf. And His Glorious Resurrection from the grave.
The most significant Event in human history is the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. And I believe it is a great sin of omission on our part for those of us who owe our eternal life to the Lord, as a result of His enormous Sacrifice, to then fail to respectfully share this Amazing Truth with the world. Especially during this time of the year when the focus of Easter should be prominent on the heart of every believer.
Sometimes as Christians we can become so focused on the work we are doing for the Lord, that we lose sight of the Great Finished Work that the Lord has already done for us.
And I believe we have a great responsibility in sharing the Truth of our Glorious Redemption by our Glorious Redeemer, by all means which have been entrusted to our care. And especially during this time of the year.
And it is to this end that I have written. In order to express this heartfelt comment: that I believe you were remiss in failing to focus on the Glorious Truths of Easter. And I pray that this comment will be received in the spirit in which it is intended. A spirit of Love, Honor, Respect, Reverence, Gratitude, Appreciation and humility before the Lord. For His Glorious Act of Redemption. PS (CA)
Berean Call,
You recently published a letter from a [reader] who was upset that TBC would condemn an entire field of study (psychology). I suggest that he consider that this entire field of study rejects the concept of sin. It would follow that if no psychological theory of human behavior includes even the concept of sin, none of them could hope to explain human behavior. Since this entire field of study has totally rejected the very core reason for most problems, it would be safe to assume that no remedy or therapy derived from such flawed theories could be relied upon for anything other that coincidental efficacy. TF (SD)
Dear Friends,
I have a couple of things to thank you for:
1. The three DVD’s arrived today and my wife and I listened to the first one, Seducing Spirits and Doctrines of Devils.  I am so glad to hear what you had to say, Dave.  Somewhere back around 1993 we read a couple of your books and were very interested in your ministry, but someone came along and criticized you in a way we cannot remember; what we do remember is we stopped listening to you and reading your books.
2. I personally want to apologize to you for this thoughtless behavior on my/our part. In this DVD you landed right smack dab in the middle of all sorts of alarms I have been sensing for decades; I just didn’t have anyone to confirm what the sirens and red flags actually were. Now you have put a face on what I have sensed.
I can hardly wait to listen to your DVD on your book we read - Global Peace and the Rise of Antichrist….I just wanted to thank you so much for your work….May the Lord continue to bless your ministry and please know we are praying for you all. A&MB (email)
I just wanted to send a note of praise for your timely, informative and insightful book What Love Is This? It expresses and illustrates clearly what is obviously clear to anyone who has not assumed the burden of an advanced degree in theology; to whit, the fact that God can see the future and the choices a person will make does not obviate his/her free will to make those choices. I believe that the danger in much of academia is that one’s pride can become inflated with the belief that the academic has the towering intellect to enable him to understand, if not be capable of, everything God can do. If the academic cannot see the future (be outside of time) then God should be denied that ability also. Also, the belief that allowing men free will somehow lessens God’s sovereignty, when a God who cannot risk man’s free will is a weak god indeed. RC (CA)
Mr. McMahon,
I’ve read your critical review of The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn and the Isaiah:9:10 DVD. My question to you sir, did you even read the book? Or watch the DVD? I think not. You should apologize to Mr. Cahn for your hostile, antichrist-like review. My suggestion is next time read the book or watch the DVD BEFORE writing a scathing review.... I found your review to be quite disturbing...almost surreal. You need to apologize to Mr. Cahn...publicly. HV (PA)
Please thank Mr. Hunt for me. I have been reading his books since 1985-6 and they have helped me immensely to realize I am not alone and not crazy and I am listening to the Holy Spirit.
I finally found a church after searching in the Illinois area for 25 years. Found a Pastor who has not compromised the Word of God for money. And he was under my nose all this time. We must travel to attend His services but it is so worth it…. Anyway this was the best way I could think of to let Mr. Hunt and all of you know that the Lord is using you mightily to wake up the Church. The True Church! I am a former Catholic and was the first to come out in generations, in my family. I am one of fifteen children and so far I have seen six of my seven sisters born again. And two of my seven brothers have passed on due to homosexuality and drugs. My youngest brother did pray before he died that the Lord would save him so I am hoping that I will see him again. My other brother I do not know but He heard the truth. My other brothers are unsaved. So prayers for all of us who are fighting the good fight! TM (email)
Dear BC,
Have you lost your mind?
You seem determined to destroy the credibility of your ministry over The Harbinger book. I no longer respect anything you have to say about even the most apostate ministry.
Using your logic, I would have to conclude that the Left Behind series was a satanic lie. You are like a dog that barks at his own shadow. Maybe the fact that the book is on the New York best sellers list and you are green with envy has something to do with it. CG (email)