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Dear Sirs,
I’m sending just a quick note to express my gratitude at finding a ministry such as yours. I have been listening to your archived radio broadcast for the last six or seven months on oneplace.com. I love Dave Hunt’s solid biblical teaching and have found even some of my obscure questions being answered on your program. Thank you so much. God bless your whole staff. Praise God! PB (ME)
TBC Staff,
Thank you so very much for the transcript of Dave Hunt’s legacy [Search the Scriptures 24/7 broadcast with T. A. McMahon and Rob Yardley].

My wife and I devoured Dave’s books and teachings. Like many people, we learned so much from him. We knew he was human so we never put him on a pedestal. The fact that he forever encouraged his audience to be as the Bereans was proof that Dave didn’t want to be revered. But I cannot think of any Christian writer or broadcaster I ever respected more. I have respected some, perhaps, as much but never anyone more.

As a former Catholic, and also a member of the Armstrong cult (with my wife; for about twenty years), Dave helped us to see things truly biblically and logically. God used him greatly to deliver us—and countless thousands, if not millions, of others—from spiritual strongholds and bondages. I can recall heeding for a while Calvinist dogma and doctrines and being so depressed and disturbed by them. That was until I read Dave’s teachings on Calvinism. I am so grateful for the relief those teachings brought me and for the true understanding of God’s Grace.

To listen to Dave and Tom was like sitting next to them as close friends. I’m sure that had much to do with the Holy Spirit and the fact that the teachings were pure and sound. It was where we found teaching we didn’t get elsewhere. (That’s not to say we are not grateful for other excellent teachers we have discovered since. We are.)

I am certain that there will be many Christians—like Dave’s family, Tom, other close friends, and those at The Berean Call who knew Dave personally—who are sad at Dave’s leaving us but are glad too that he is with the Lord. I’m sure that many of them are looking forward to meeting him at the Rapture or, if they die prior to it, at  the Resurrection. I know my wife and I do.

I do not thank God enough for the teachings of Dave Hunt and The Berean Call. God grant you all the grace to continue with the teaching of the sound doctrines God wishes us to know. Please continue with the great work that you do. MH (email)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
Although I have not read Showtime for the Sheep? I ask you not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I went to see The Passion of the Christ, and am not defending the movie nor Mel Gibson, but God.

God can use any means He chooses to speak to people—he used a jackass, so he can use Mel Gibson.

As I watched the movie I was consumed with the magnitude of my sin. Although I had thought I was a Christian for many years, as I watched the movie, I realized I was not. Through my sobs, all I could say within my spirit was “My God, what have I done?” I left the theater a changed person, and at 71 I am more in love with my LORD than I ever thought possible.

All I can say now is that once I was blind, but now I see. God meets us where we are—movie theater, church, bar.... He meets us where we are! AW (email)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Please be bountifully blessed for your commitment to share the truth with us all.

I have just read two of Dave Hunt’s Classic Series and have been strongly motivated to remain faithful to the Word. Please never waver in your willingness to proclaim the truth. Abundant and rich blessings to you all! JM (Australia)

Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for your [radio] segments on the mini-series The Bible. I did not watch the series, but saw some of an
interview with Roma Downey and her husband. The interview made me uncomfortable so I decided against watching the mini-series.

Our pastor recently asked during a Wednesday night meeting what we thought about showing the series to the entire church. Almost all of the people in attendance thought this would be a good idea. I felt uneasy with this decision, but not having seen the mini-series, I was worried about how to privately voice my concerns with the pastor.

Your discussions have been such a blessing and now I feel much more at peace about being able to voice my concerns privately to our pastor.

Thank you for listening to and following our Lord and Saviour. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless, keep, and enlarge your ministry. JF (email)