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Dear Tom,
Thank you for the excellent February article “Bowing the Knee to Rome” [and] for standing firm on this important topic.  As a former Catholic, I, too, am glad someone showed me the difference between religion and the gospel. May the Spirit continue to uphold you and the staff there in remaining faithful in these last days. CP (email)

Dear Brethren in Christ,
Thank you for blessing me with the Berean Call newsletter each month. I have grown in my understanding of the scriptures through your messages and also through the questions and answers.

For a season I was joined to the Messianic fellowship here in prison but some things just didn’t seem to bear witness to me. In the December 2014 issue, Dave Hunt answered questions regarding “Messianic Jews” and “Messianic Christians.” His response convinced me that to continue to partake in Messianic services would be…denying the teachings of scripture that say that “in Christ there is neither Jew, Gentile, bond or free, male or female, but all are one in Christ.”

I’ve seen the attitude of [some] Messianic followers towards other believers in Christ who worship on Sunday instead of keeping the Sabbath and they look down on them. So I felt led to part from [them]. I pray for them that God will open their eyes to the true message of the Gospel of Christ so they might be “free indeed.” DF (NV, prisoner)

Dear TBC,
I want to thank you for your faithfulness in sending out the gospel all over the world in these last days. I have received blessings both from the preaching in person and over the Internet [as well as] the literature. May the Lord Jesus bless you and give you strength to continue! TD (PA)

Dear Berean Call,
Thank you so much for [the “Blood Moons Market Meltdown”] article [posted on your website]. When those around me are getting all hyped up about [such things] and ask me what I think, I tell them that the biggest sign for us to pay attention to is that we must be ready for the Lord, and we must tell others about Him. Blood moons or no blood moons, we must be ready. And another thing, I’ve observed that whenever anything is very popular in Christendom, and sometimes with the world, such as The Purpose Driven Life, The Shack, Heaven Is for Real, The Harbinger, etc., then we need to be extra discerning about the content. Jesus said the road is narrow and few enter therein. I believe it’s the same with so many things we get all excited about. If it’s purely biblical, the majority of people don’t want to follow it, sadly enough. So that’s my litmus test for blood moons and other things that try and take my attention off the Main Thing. DK (Germany)