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Law, William

Time and the things of time will soon have an end; and he that in time trusts to anything but the Spirit and power of God working in his heart will be ill fitted to enter into eternity. God must be all in all in us here, or we cannot be His hereafter. What self-deception to expect to be in His heavenly kingdom in eternity, when we have resisted His claim to reign as Lord in our hearts here and now! Happy are they who know that a life of total submission to Christ and absolute dependence upon the Holy Spirit is the only choice that enlightened reason can make….

The greatest idea that we can frame of God is a conception of Him as a being of infinite love and goodness, using an infinite wisdom and power for the common good and happiness of all His creatures. The highest notion that we can form of a man who is created in the image of God is a conception of him as nearly like God in this respect as he can be; using all his finite faculties for the common good of all his fellow creatures, lovingly desiring that all may have the happiness for which God has created them….

What could be emptier than the scholarship which sets itself up as great in Scripture interpretation, yet lacks this love which our Lord said is the very essence of all the teaching so variously contained in the law and the prophets!

William Law