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The hypocrite hearkens more after eloquence than substance....The Christian looks most to the power of the word; he...weighs the matter rather than the manner, and regards the message more than the messenger. The one falls down before man, the other before God.

[C]omforts, promises, and general truths he [the hypocrite] loves; the doctrine of the cross he hates....The Christian hears all God’s word, loves to be smitten...[and cries], “Search me, and try my heart.”

—John Fletcher ,The Works of the Reverend John Fletcher (Schmul Publishers, 1974), 4:254

A life once spent is irrevocable. It will remain to be contemplated through eternity....The same may be said of each day. When it is once past, it is gone forever. All the marks which we put upon it, it will exhibit forever....Each day will not only be a witness of our conduct, but will affect our everlasting destiny....How shall we then wish to see each day marked with usefulness...! It is too late to mend the days that are past. The future is in our power. Let us, then, each morning, resolve to send the day into eternity in such a garb as we shall wish it to wear forever. And at night let us reflect that one more day is irrevocably gone, indelibly marked.

—Adoniram Judson, 
In E. Judson, The Life of Adoniram Judson (Anson, Randolph & Company, 1883), 14-15