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Anderson, Robert

In these days men have left off faith. The spirit of the martyrs is not in them. Opinions have taken the place of convictions; and the result is a liberality which is the offspring, not of humility and love, but of indifference or doubts. Opinions are our own, and should not be too firmly held. Truth is Divine, and is worth living for and dying for.

But what is truth...? Listening to the discordant voices that abound on every side, men are content to give heed only to the points on which the greater number appear to be agreed....Faith is impossible....Was it for this that the Son of God lived and died on earth...?

How different from the spirit of the age is the language of the inspired Apostle! “Though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” Such warnings in Holy Writ are not the words of wild exaggeration....The man who would force his opinions on others is a boor. He who would die for his opinions is a fool. But Christianity has not to do with opinions. It is founded on fact and Divine truth; and faith based thereon is the heritage of the Church....We can have no toleration for the veiled skepticism which is passing for Christianity today....We do not think this or that: we know.

—Sir Robert Anderson, The Gospel and Its Ministry, Preface