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TBC Staff

Dear Dave,

Thanks for a great website and for the weekly emails. May the Lord bless you and your work greatly.  SM (OH)

Bro Dave:

What Love Is This? was a brilliant exposé of Calvinism and its Roman Catholic links through folks like Augustine and Ambrose. Keep being bold, Brother—God bless you and all your family and staff.  CP (MD)

Dear Brethren:

Once again we have an opportunity to tell you we so appreciate your work in the Lord. We especially rejoiced over the “To Whom Shall We Go?” article by T.A. this month (Apr. ’03). The new video project on psychology will be greatly received, we’re sure. MR (NY)

To the Editor:

Your editorials in The Berean Call are clear evidence of your hatred of the Catholic Church. To hate the Catholic Church (God’s Church) is to hate God. This is a mortal sin. Your sin is compounded by your efforts to convince others to hate the Catholic Church. I have asked the Lord to forgive you. However, forgiveness depends on you. You must promise to cease your blasphemy and ask our Lord to forgive your sins. BR (OH)

Dear Dave and all,

Isn’t it a joy to belong to the family of the true God and to realize that each day we draw closer to the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ? Congratulations on your courageous stand against the Roman Catholic institution and Islam, two of the most potent weapons of Satan. JM (Australia)

Dear TBC,

I have about a quarter-mile walk to the Post Office, and when your “letter” comes I don’t wait to get home—I’m too excited to see what you have to say—so I read it on the way home. Thanks so much for your tremendous research and dedication to the Word, and your standing firm in spite of vicious criticism at times. Anonymous (MD)

Dear Berean Call Friends,

I am a Bible-lesson grader of lessons done by inmates. I am always looking for further sound doctrinal teachings to help new Christians grow in their walk with the Lord. There are so many voices out there that can confuse new believers. God bless you and keep the message of truth going out to a lost world. KK (PA)

Dear Dave Hunt,

I would like to congratulate you for your most recent book What Love Is This? I was a Calvinist to the point of no return, but when I read your book it had a deep impact on my Reformed Theology that told me I was saved by grace, but had no say in the matter. SM (prisoner, NY)

Dear TBC,

The cover article “To Whom Shall We Go?” just about brought tears to my eyes….The church is filled with people who are promised something but then wear out and disappear. They are replaced by new people who do the same thing. “Successful” men are hailed and quickly rise to help run the church. [They] have horrible fights over the direction of the church; the lost and hurting are told to pray more….And when the hurting don’t improve, their calls are not returned any more or they are told they are not teachable or they are living in sin so there is no help. So they wear out from trying so hard, and leave….This can’t be God at work. I just don’t see the power and peace and fruit of the Spirit in me or most of the people either in the pews or behind the pulpit.  BM (FL)

Dear Dave,

[Y]our book Occult Invasion should be a reference book for every Christian.…You are accurate, too, in your summation of psychology. As a young college student...I was attracted to that “science,” and have a degree in that subject. It never helped me understand anything, but it did confuse me. The Lord was the answer I needed....You’ve saved me a lot of wasted time and distraction by getting to know the Word better and following our Lord. AR (TX)

Dear Dave,

I certainly have to hand it to you for being one of the best “whistle blowers” in captivity. There are many good theologians but most usually stop short of tagging impos-tors and false prophets with their names. I don’t like to be stirring smelly pots all the time either, but readers mature much faster when, like the Apostle Paul, we name wolves and “angels of light.” FH (SD)

Dear Berean Call Staff,

This past Saturday I attended my first PromiseKeepers meeting (only because of persistence of a co-worker)....The whole thing was very, very shallow. I came home with a heavy heart for these men, as they couldn’t even converse about the Word or spiritual things….I began to thank the Lord for godly Bible teachers and pastors…and Brother Dave Hunt was one of the first I thanked God for. SD (KS)