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TBC Staff

Dear All,

Already this Spring is seeing momentous events in the world, with the rise of Islamic terrorism in many countries. It’s like Revelation 12 in some ways, with the dragon, enraged and full of fury pursuing the Woman of Revelation 12 (Israel) and any who dare to associate with her. Yesterday we had blackmail threats against Europe, with the promise of European countries not being targeted in the same way that the U.S. is being targeted, provided, of course, that they withdraw their troops from Iraq….Of course it’s conveniently forgotten that Saddam Hussein gave generous “bounty” payments to the families of suicide bombers who attacked Israelis….Yet the media on the whole is turning people retrospectively against the Iraq war, against Bush, and, latent but definitely there, against the Jews as somehow the cause of all the trouble in the Middle East. RR (UK)

Dear Dave and friends,

My wife and I appreciate your stand on what the Bible says and not compromising your beliefs in the name of “unity.” We have truly enjoyed your past two newsletters, as the “seeker friendly church” fad seems to be running unchecked even here in this rural area. It is good to have the reference material you include along with all the documentation for the quotes from those who are leading God’s people astray. BA (PA)


Concerning your article “The Seeker Friendly Way of Doing Church”: what a shame that you feel free to attack Christian ministries God is blessing. Thousands of people have come to saving faith in Jesus Christ through the ministries of Willow Creek and Saddleback. God calls us to fulfill our ministry (2 Timothy:4:5), not tear down the ministry of others (Mark:9:38-40). By the way, do you even pastor a church? Or is it just your “ministry” to tear down other pastors? Your comments are so derogatory and negative it sounds as though you’re talking about pagan opponents to Christianity. Your tone is so negative and inflammatory that you just give fuel to divisive people. For some reason you have a problem with churches that have state-of-the-art sound and lighting, large screens, drama, and musical presentations, cafes that sell food or drink, warm water for baptisms, manicured lawns, church softball teams, microphone headsets, and chinos. Where in the Scripture is there any evidence that any of those things are wrong? I’ll answer it for you, nowhere! What a disgrace that you call yourself “The Berean Call.” MC (IA)

Dear Mr. Hunt,

I was given your book What Love Is This? by [a minister], because I didn’t like his free will doctrine, and I wrote to him to tell him he was wrong….When I heard about Calvinism, it made so much sense to me….I had needed God to regenerate me at His timing for my life, and that’s why I couldn’t change. I walked around on a cloud for a week, thanking God and praising Him for not letting me go to hell. I wondered why He didn’t save all, and I didn’t think it was fair, but who was I to argue with God? So I tried not to think about it too much….Every decision I ever made was wrong and bad, and now you’re telling me that the most important one in life and death was up to me! And if I somehow made the right one, then why did I live the way I did in the past and what made the difference now? No! I would keep thanking God for making that decision for me. I didn’t care about my free will. It never did anything for me but get me into prison….It wasn’t until I read your book for the second time that I became convinced I was wrong. I almost didn’t read it, because the first six chapters made me mad and I thought you were just bashing Calvin, Luther and pointing out faults….I wrote over the pages to point out the false teaching….The biggest blow to me…was where you pointed out that spiritual death wasn’t exactly the same as bodily death. I said yes, it is. But you showed me in the Scriptures I had read hundreds of times and never made the connection….Salvation [is a] gift you still have to accept….It’s clear from John:6:64-65 why Jesus said they couldn’t come—because of unbelief on their part. HW (prisoner, CT)


I just visited your website for the first time. Thank you so much for the TBC archives going all the way back to 1986. CW (IL)

Dear Dave,

Ten years ago I often thought you were too harsh. I do not think that any more. Instead I am thankful for all your publications informing me, warning me and encouraging me on the narrow road….I am happy that you can reach so many more deceived, lukewarm and misinformed “believers.” You are strengthening the faith in our Lord of many people. You are shaking some others. IF (Canada)


I just finished reading Debating Calvinism. It re-enforces my belief that “Calvinism” is a man-made system. James White does not like Hunt’s “shotgun approach” because Hunt has a thousand Scripture pellets to fire, while White is stuck with the six-shooter—relying on forced interpretations of a few scriptures which only results in having to rewrite the meaning of a thousand others….Jesus made the last, complete, infinite atonement for mankind’s sin. Accepting or rejecting it is God’s offer—and man will be justly judged for how he responds on Judgment Day. A little child can understand. TA (CA)