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TBC Staff

Dear TBC,

Thank you for the articles in February and March on “Consumer Christianity.” Today’s popular idea about a church in America is like Burger King: “Have it your way.” The Bible tells us in Matthew 16 that the church is Christ’s, not ours. Christ said we should be: preaching the gospel, witnessing to the lost, baptizing the new converts, making disciples, starting other churches, and strengthening the families. Today we have in churches: a talk that mentions one verse from any version [of the Bible], giving the lost what they want to see in a church, praise and worship with the band, Sunday clubs for every age group, and showing “Christian movies.” MC (TN)


[T.A. McMahon’s book] Showtime for the Sheep? has opened our eyes to [the fact that] entertainment for spiritual growth can be very deceptive….Your explanation of what Christ did on the cross for the world was exact. My heart was lifted! You were very explicit. In fact, I have started to ask those that profess to be saved, myself included, what Christ did for them on the cross. So far, my husband was the only one who [understood] that God put the sins of the world on Christ on the cross…. WC (OK)

Dear Sirs:

Please remove me immediately from your mailing list. Your newsletter, while it may be full of  “correct theology,” demon-strates such a complete lack of love that I simply cannot regard it as Christian. Your constant attacks of other Christian leaders is heartbreaking. Have you completely forgotten James:4:11-12? How about Ephesians:4:1-6? But most of all, 1 Corinthians:13:1-3? If you believe that these other pastors/evangelists are truly in error, you should approach them privately, in love, and share your concerns—trusting God Himself to correct the wrongs. The many people who think they are blessed by you are simply thankful that they've been given permission by you to hate others. JS (CA)

Dear T.A.,

You wrote us about stewardship in TBC Notes “Spring Cleaning” (4/05). I keep thinking about the lady that lined her bird cage with TBC—if she had just read it, it could have released her like a bird from the snare of the fowler, but instead she fouled a precious gift that was true and lifesaving information from God. BO (NM)


It is so sad for us to see the direction so many of our local churches are taking. Some we have visited are so heavily influenced by psychology that salvation is “not enough” to transform a life! The church we visited this past Sunday wanted to be a warm and friendly place for nonbelievers. But during the 20-minute sermon there was no explanation of the gospel or invitation to become a Christian. One church I passed by had a sign out front advertising a $500 drawing! They all want the people in the community to come to their church, but they don’t give them what they really need when they get them there. JM (MO)

My dear friends,

Today was a miracle. Five men came visit my husband. They from Panamvilla village. First this month they beaten my husband. Prayer hall they burned. They beaten believers. But last week one man’s daughter shocked from lightning thunder. She in hospital. Now also unconscious. Another man’s house burned from same lightning thunder. Saw this another man’s wife became mad. So a hindu astrologer told go asked God’s man forgiveness. From 130 miles away they came. First they afraid see my husband. They stood outside gate. See them I and children afraid. Because we not knew why they came. Our doubt again they came disturb us. But my husband went to gate said enter home. They all cried. They said sorry. They repent. About Jesus my husband told. Why Jesus crucified my husband told. How Jesus risen he said. Full Gospel he taught. Five hours they with us. They kneel down. They accepted Jesus their Saviour. They said by mouth Jesus only their Saviour. They all saved. To their head my husband put hands prayed. We together prayed. We ate lunch with them. Then they went. Praise God. We happy. God open doors. Glory His name. MC (India)


I just finished reading [Dave’s book] Beyond Seduction. Thank you so much! It knocked my socks off! How awesome that there are still some people that will stand up and proclaim the Truth! Hallelujah—I felt like Elijah—that I was the only defender of the faith left. Not really. I knew there were others, but they are few and far between. God always does keep a remnant. JS (PA)


Thank you for sending me The Berean Call. I do believe a Christian friend must have given you my name, and I thank whoever it was. I have been a Christian warrior for years, being now 81 years of age. I thank you for the [article on] the Purpose Driven Church re Rick Warren. I am trying to enlighten others but having a difficult time. I am older now but still wanting to fight the good fight and with your help I can help some who are so caught up in this satanic attack. BF (MD)