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TBC Staff

To Dave Hunt,
Your Berean Call of Dec. 2006 was so impressive and so great it led me to read it 3 times in a space of 2 weeks. It is so wonderful to grasp and absorb the truth of God's Word that it makes you stand amazed and fills you with the joy of the Lord. We live in an age of confusion and rebellion, and then in spite of that the wonder of the truth of God's Word breaks through all that with clarity and great power. What a great blessing that is for God's people. Thank you for being so clear in your writing....May God bless you in this age of falling away from the true Word of God. HP (Canada)

Dear Mr. Hunt and T. A. McMahon,
I absolutely love your newsletter. I borrow [it] from a friend to read. Soon I'll be released and would love to receive your newsletter at home....I've been in prison for 16 years now and I look forward to serving God in a Bible based church....I've had the opportunity to preach the gospel in prison but those doors are now shut down to me....Thank you for inspiring me to stay the right path. I really appreciate it and many others do too. KN (prisoner, MA)

Dear Dave and T. A.,
I am an evangelical pastor...and...have received your newsletters for several years. However, as I have continued to read [them] it is becoming increasingly obvious that in many ways you are becoming reactionary and redundant in your words. Are there only four or five issues on which to write?...One almost gets the impression that your only message is "the world is bad, the church is corrupt, your pastor is probably a Warrenite, or worse yet a Calvinist, so run to the hills with your Bible and your Berean Call and wait till the end." The lack of the fruit of the Spirit in your newsletter is telling. I was glad to see that McMahon listed the fruit of the Spirit in his February article as the real measure of spiritual maturity. My question is: have you used that standard to measure your own newsletter?...I guess my main point is that being a pastor today is hard work....In the midst of this battlefield, it is not time to go around shooting our fellow soldiers. SF (NJ)

Dear Dave and Tom,
I don't always get to hear you on KWVE on Sunday evenings, but I'm glad I caught you today. Your comments on Carl Jung were very informative. And to think I thought of him as almost a believer! Now I know better. As a Social Science grad student who's stuck re-learning this drivel, I appreciate insight like yours and your timely reminders to be truly discerning and in the Word as never before! Thank you! GG (CA)

Dave, T. A., and Crew,
Not another minute should pass that I do not express my utmost gratitude for the work that you do. Many may say that you are abrupt and mean-spirited. I thank God-almighty that you have the light of truth in you. Please, continue to include me in your newsletter mailings and may our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ continue to bless you! PJ (CO)

Dear Dave and Staff,
As a pastor for quite a number of years my wife and I are saddened by the direction of the Church in America. And the biggest problem is that so few people see the real need: to get back to the Bible as it is for men as they are. It is only then that the Lord Jesus will be welcomed back into the Church of the 21st century. Oh how we need Him in His rightful place again! JO (TX)

Dear Mr. Hunt & Friends,
I received your February letter and I must say that is the most on-the-mark explanation of the church I have ever seen....All Christians should read this message! I gave mine to my pastor. I am waiting his reaction. He is a very good pastor and I know he will agree perfectly. The church in general does not know their doctrine and in most churches you would have a hard time finding good doctrine....I have been saying for the last 30 years people do not read their Bibles and would not know good doctrine if they fell over it. They do not know if a pastor is good or bad because they do not know the Word. I have read the Holy Word of God 65 times. It is our only way, truth, and life. We need it daily to survive. Keep preaching the infallible Word of God. HS (PA)