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Loved your article in the last newsletter [(4/09)"Christian Patriot"]. You did a great job of teaching the importance of remembering where our citizenship is. I want you to know that if the future record reveals that they did take my firearm from my cold, dead fingers, it wasn't because I disagree with a single point you made (because you were perfectly Biblical), but it will be because I played the fool and refused to heed good counsel. KL (WA)

Dear Dave,
Thanks...for...[your] awesome book [What Love Is This?] I almost was persuaded to be a Calvinist, but this book, along with my Bible, of course, has opened my eyes and my heart to the fact that Jesus Christ died for all. Last evening, after reading a couple of chapters, I prayed and thanked the Lord for protecting me from being deceived by the false doctrine of Calvinism. I asked for forgiveness for even leaning in that direction....God doesn't just love, He IS love and never tempts us to sin. Thanks again...you put into words what I didn't have the words for. SG (LA)

Dear TBC,
Thanks for printing Mark Dinsmore's thoughtful analysis of our American mindset (4/09), revealing a very uncomfortable and sure-to-be unpopular way of thinking. The very truth of  "there is not a single example in Scripture of 'armed revolution' of any kind as a pattern for the church" stopped me cold. Like the author, my American history comfort zone included the conservative Christian-heritage instruction to which he referred. Tempting as it may be to be activists against gun control and socialism, our real assignment is, as Mr. Dinsmore reminds, "to preach the gospel and make disciples." Thank you, Berean Call, for being right on target. Again! SN (email)

Dear Dave, T. A., & Staff at Berean Call,
Thank you so very much for continuing to send us the Berean Call. On Feb. 13, we received the November, December, and January [issues], all opened! It's a shocking thing, but our postal service has fallen apart at the seams and our country is in a shambles. We sorely miss The Berean Call when it seems that it will not arrive, however, we thank you and praise the Lord for your kindness. We first received TBC in August 1997, and have them all on file, where we can regularly check for answers. We can honestly say that it has always been a blessing to us in our Christian walk, strengthening us many times when we have faltered due to circumstances in our lives. May the Lord continue to bless you in your very necessary ministry. B&DH (Zimbabwe)

T. A. McMahon,
You are a myopic and self-righteous people who profit from spreading division, distrust, animosity...ignorance, and hate. Your so-called Christian ways are an insult to Jesus Christ and his love and acceptance of all of us, regardless of who we are. Remember, all of humanity, all of creation, comes from the same God and returns to that same God. BY (email)

Thank you for the great blessing of your newsletter, especially the latest issue which warned of the attack on the beliefs of our youth. I continue to pray for the health of T.A., Dave, and Dave's daughter. JR (NC)

Dear TBC,
I just finished Judgment Day: Israel, Islam, and the Nations (3rd ed.). Thank you for writing it. I did not know the true history about the name Palestine (chapter 4). It is a shame reading [in] chapter 12 that leaders "who claim to be Christians" will blame Israel but befriend Islam.... MC (TN)

I was extremely impressed with the Patriotism article (4/09)...my mind is made up...if the Rapture doesn't happen first, I will go if arrested just as Christ did...and the apostles. Perhaps I can encourage someone or even win someone to the Lord. It would be an honor and a privilege. (Much better than our previous tentative plan to defend ourselves with a weapon...we already have all the armor we need...the spiritual kind!) CR (email)

Dear Dave and T. A.,
After nearly thirty years of reading (and sending to others) The Berean Call and many of your books, we want to tell you again of the Lord's blessing us and our family through your ministry....We praise the Lord for His care in putting us under your teachings, and thank you again for your labors in showing so many the narrow path! We had only just turned to Him with whole hearts, and know now it was His Hand guiding us with haste, since we were already 47 and 50. You will rejoice knowing He placed within us a compelling desire to know Him by reading the entire Bible as soon as possible. We continue to do so, but being in our eighties now, bifocals and aching joints have slowed the pace. Praying God will continue His mercy and healing for both of you and all those in TBC Ministries for His greater glory! G&AT (MT)

I wish Dave and everyone else many more years of ministry. I have listened to and have been inspired by Dave since 1988 when I became a Christian at the age of 21 after watching one of his videos. Before that, I was raised a skeptic/atheist from my family upbringing. So I am in debt to you all and to what you do. I have collected, I think, every video tape/DVD that Dave has done since my conversion and use them often in the witness of the Gospel. DM (email)