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Dear Dave,
This short message ["Reflections on a Reasonable Faith," TBC, 4/10] is the most significant piece that you have written--for me personally--in all the time that I have received The Berean Call. I am carrying it in my Bible until I have re-read it and meditated upon the verses--until I carry it in my heart. Thank you and may God abundantly bless you. CH (email)

I just wanted to let you know that the article T. A. wrote on the film Avatar [5/10] was nothing short of outstanding! I'm conducting a "study" about the film in an upcoming youth service and regular adult service, and I must say that Mr. McMahon's contribution has greatly helped me in implementing information [from] the newsletter into the presentation. Many Christians buy into this end-time deception and don't take the time to examine [whether] they are introducing deadly venom into their system. This film is nothing short of political, ecological, and paganist propaganda....I was...disgusted at the constant indoctrination and nature worship in the film. Aside from this, Avatar was an attack on our military and on advanced civilization as we know it. Thanks again and keep up the good work! JC (email)

Dear Brothers Hunt and McMahon,
Thank you so much for the work you do! As a pastor and student of God's word, I am constantly finding nuggets of knowledge and wisdom that I had never seen before....[Your radio] series on psychotherapy reaffirmed what I had always thought concerning it. Again, thank you! JS (email)

Every month when I receive your newsletter, I sit down and read it from cover to cover....I treasure the wisdom, insight, and challenge of The Berean Call. This month, when I read "The White Box" by Barbara Romine [TBC Extra, 4/10], I was deeply touched by the well-written message of faith and trust in the midst of a great trial. I cried as she shared her journey through the heartache of breast cancer. It is a message that MUST be shared with other women who face the trial of breast cancer. Thank you, Barbara, for your honesty. Thank you for telling us about the white box under your bed....and for the reminder to trust the Lord..."that His grace and strength will be there for me at exactly the time that I need it." God is going to use your article to touch many women around the world. What some thought was for evil will be used for good, as only God can do. BF (WA)

Dear TBC,
I've been a fan of Dave Hunt for a few years now, but I wanted to email you because I read that really encouraging story you put in your [5/10] TBC Extra about the arthritic, blind, lame, and partially deaf man whom God greatly used because of his faith and willingness to serve. I want to go into ministry one day as a missionary (God willing), and reading that was very encouraging to me. Like that man, all I have to do is make myself available to God and he'll take care of the rest. Wow. Can you publish more stories like that in future Berean Calls? RJ (email)

Dear Dave,
I just want to say thank you. I came across something called Christian Hedonism and wanted to find out about it. It just didn't seem right and I was trying to explain that to my boys but I couldn't put my finger on what it was exactly. Thank you for your website. I was hoping you would have something on it and you did!! Now I have some information to help explain why it didn't seem quite right. The Lord bless you for all you and your team do! CH (email)

Dear Dave,
My husband and I want to thank you for being a strong influence for truth in our ignorant, lazy times. You have been our mentor, our "discipler," our teacher...for years and years. I am now in a position of leadership and influence in our large church. Because of God's work in you and Tom (and all others at Berean Call), I am equipped to be a voice for biblical truth. I am in the minority, for sure, but God uses small, weak vessels filled with Him and His treasure....We are forever grateful "children" in the faith-fellow servants who honor and love you. PM (OK)

I was led to your site by the mention of your name while "checking up" on my leading by the Spirit [regarding] Chuck Missler's book Kingdom, Power & Glory [see 11/09 Q&A]. My wife and I were encouraged to read others' same reaction to this book. There is no doubt that this not only presents a work-based system of salvation but also integrates a prideful basis for position in Jesus' Kingdom....Thank you for your work and I would like to encourage you to warn others or at least keep this in the "light" for others. AE (email)

T. A. McMahon,
The Bible seems to say that everyone loves themselves. You contend that even someone who commits suicide loves themselves. However, why do some people choose to swallow corrosives whereas there are so many painless ways to kill oneself?

In the same verse the Bible also says that everyone takes care of their bodies. Is that what people who burn themselves with cigarettes do? And mental illness doesn't exist? Get real. SJ (email)