Kainama Terror Attack Leaves Twenty Dead, including an Anglican Evangelist | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

Twenty Congolese Christians were killed and several others kidnapped after the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) struck the village of Kainama, Beni territory in Nord Kivu on the night of October 4th. The bishop of the Beni Anglican Diocese confirmed the attack, terming it “a devastating occurrence that continues to bleed off hope that the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) has been praying for.”Among the twenty people beheaded was Sobu Mundeke, an evangelist with the Anglican Church of Congo, who had traveled to Kainama to look for food for his displaced family in Beni. One of the first responders to the attack in the early morning of 5th October was Venerable Jeanpierre, the Archdeacon of Kainama, who reported to ICC,

“It pains me to inform you that we have lost 20 Christians of the Banande-Kainama camp and our evangelist, Sobu Mundeke, is one of them. Their bodies are lying all over, and houses have been burnt down by the ADF rebels. Sobu arrived last week from Beni in search of food for his family; little did he know that he was coming to be killed. We have also confirmed that other people are missing, and we know they have been taken away by the Muslim fighters.”

Sobu and his family were displaced from the same area on May 28, 2022, after the ADF militia group raided the Christian village of Vido, killing sixteen people and torching ten houses. They went to live in Beni town as internally displaced people, where the ICC team met him in June. He was depending on well-wishers for his family’s upkeep, and so he thought that going to the rich farming area of Kainama and coming back with food would save his thirteen-member family. This time, he did not make it.

The ADF Islamist militant group has continued to stage attacks on Christians in Eastern DR Congo, ceaselessly leaving behind a trail of unfathomable losses from killing innocent Congolese believers to destroying shelters, food stores, hospitals, and vehicles. Their aim is to impose Islamic rule on the Christians, and this they will do by violating the freedom of worship of believers in order to cause fear and recruit more people into Islam