King and King |

TBC Staff

WILMINGTON, N.C., March 18 (UPI) -- A school library book checked out by a first-grader, in which a prince and a prince live happily ever after, has a North Carolina family upset. 

Michael and Tonya Hartsell of Wilmington read along with 7-year-old Olivia every weeknight before bed, but when they started reading her new book, "King & King" they were stunned at its content, the Wilmington Daily Star reported. Especially on an elementary school level. 

In the book, the queen tells her son he must get married and take over for the king, but the search for a spouse doesn't go as expected. He waves off all the eligible princesses, falling instead for another prince and they are married. The last page has them kissing.

The Hartsells are hanging onto the book until the school agrees to remove it from the elementary school. The school says it will look into the matter. The Hartsells, meanwhile, said they may move Olivia to another school.

(March, 18 2004)