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TBC Staff

The Cleansing for the Kingdom [Excerpts]

A sure sign of religious authoritarianism is a zealousness to rid the world of its opposition. In the minds of many Charismatic Dominionists, the authority of the apostles and prophets cannot be questioned by anyone, friend or foe. Their placement of rulership in the Kingdom of God is to be free from dissenters or the new unity will be broken. Therefore it will be necessary that those who challenge their teachings and their authority to be removed.

Franklin Hall, a forerunner and promoter of the Latter Rain in the 40's stated: “The man-child group of the sons of God will be required “to rule the nations, with a rod of iron” (Revelation:12:5). To those not accepting this invitation into Holy Ghost Light Of fire, there is but one alternative: the opposite to light is DARKNESS. The Light of Life will be to them a blinding and consuming fire of destruction!” (Franklin Hall, “Subdue The Earth, Rule The Nations”, Franklin Hall Ministries, 1966, p. 57.)

“There are differences of opinion among Dominionists as to how dissenters will be removed, but there are essentially five ways in which that may occur: 1) God will supernaturally strike dead those who oppose His apostles and prophets; 2) God will send, or allow satanic forces to send plagues upon dissenters; 3) the Church (or certain “overcomers”) will pronounce God's judgment upon dissenters, thus moving God to destroy them; 4) the Church will, out of “necessity,” use physical force by which it will judge, sentence, and execute judgment (including death) upon dissenters; 5) all or any combination of the above may take place.” (Al Dager, Vengeance Is Ours, p.96-97)