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Lesbian Mayor-Elect Plans Sit-down with Mormon Church

A pro-family activist who fights homosexual activism says he's not surprised that Salt Lake City may have elected its first openly lesbian mayor.

The city is in one of the most conservative states in the country, and the headquarters of the Mormon Church, so the election of Jackie Biskupski is raising eyebrows.

Her win "reflects a shift toward wider LGBT acceptance," including in conservative Utah….Yet it's likely that a state capital like Salt Lake City, like any other state capital, would be a more urban and more liberal part of Utah, [reports] Americans for Truth about Homosexuality.  

"And that's exactly what's happened…" "And so the reality is that gay activists are very strong in the city because that's where most homosexuals who are politically active live."

In a story about the mayor's race, political website The Hill described Salt Lake City as "unique" in the conservative state due to its more liberal voters. 

Biskupski, a Democrat, likely squeaked past incumbent Democrat mayor Ralph Becker with 52 percent.

Even though the mayor-elect's "sexual orientation" was mostly a non-issue during the mayor's race, the liberal website reports that she's "already planning to make LGBT rights a priority."

"One of her first orders of business," [it was reported], is to meet with Mormon Church leaders over calling same-sex couples "apostates."

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