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TBC Staff

It is my firm conviction that an increase in the knowledge of God and his will is an impossibility until the supremacy of scripture is recognized. As one tradition after another is found to be in opposition to it, scripture is allowed to judge, and those traditions are relegated to the ecclesiastical wastebasket. I venture to say that any God-fearing priest who would read nothing but the Bible daily for one year, and read that thoughtfully, prayerfully, and penitently, determined to refuse everything he had learned not in agreement with it, would at the end of the twelve months have forever cast aside so many traditionary fables and would have found such great enlightenment and blessing, that he would be encouraged to continue to make the holy scriptures his one chief study. Thus he would be enabled to walk in peace and godliness in the path of the just which shines brighter unto the perfect day. And so full would be the divine instruction received that he would never miss the human traditions and ecclesiastical dogmas thus discarded, but would find every spiritual need met in the great storehouse of heavenly food found in the inerrant and God-breathed depository of light and truth, the once neglected Bible.
-- H.A. Ironside, from the booklet "Letters to a Roman Catholic Priest," Loizeaux Brothers, pg. 39