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Dear TA,

I just finished reading Part 1 of “Anti-Christianity Ascending,” in the Berean Call newsletter Vol XXXII No 8 for August 2017. I share your enthusiasm for the information you shared with us re your comments from the book, Christianity and Anti-Christianity in Their Final Conflict by Samuel Andrews. Can’t wait to read part 2, and for sure would request a copy of the reprint which you indicate may be available in the fall. KS (CO)

Dear TBC,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart; for all the back newsletters you sent me. I truly enjoyed all the articles. I believe that you are spot on when addressing the issues you write about—especially the ones on the HRM. I have personally dealt with and read some of their stuff. Thanks for filling me in with more information. DF (CA, prisoner)

Dear TBC Staff,

I am so thankful for the newsletter. We have 5 or 6 men together on Wednesdays for Bible Study and quite often we use TBC for reference and or subject matter. The latest article, “Christ and Antichrist,” was used this week. I made copies for those that are not (but will be) [believers.] Thank you again for your steadfast position on the inerrant Word. JA (OR)

Dear Tom and Staff of TBC,

First, let me express our deep appreciation for your steadfast commitment to the unpopular ministry of “rightly dividing” the unchanged Word of the Living God. We so appreciate your ministry. We will be viewing the Conference online. AH (Canada)

Dear TBC,

I’ve been a Messianic believer since 1986, though the majority of Messianic Jews (we call ourselves Messianic Nazarenes now) refuse to accept us as siblings in Messiah/Christ. Today, I had a look at TBC’s pages on Hebrew Roots and discovered this, which supposedly validates your statement that Hebrew Roots/Messianic isn’t a “movement.” Your article states, “There is no national organization or hierarchy of leadership among this group, yet there are leaders and writers from diverse ad hoc organizations, churches, and ministries who favor the trend.” That sentence is true—there is no national organization or hierarchy for the Hebraic Roots “movement,” though pretenders to the Throne abound, as do the Jewish Studies programs to ordain or just teach on the subjects.

What is not true is that it is not a movement. Because, if you use the same criteria, there was no Protestant movement freeing [those whom] Christ died to save from Catholicism. It was done in exactly the same type of “manifestation” of our common God’s Holy Spirit. AD (email)

Dear T.A. and Staff,

Thank you so much for your timely newsletters that are a light in the darkness we face. You bring great confirmation to what we sense in the Spirit: i.e., time is short and it gets darker and darker around us with false teaching and the accepted lies and violence that surround us. We so need to stay close to our Lord and let His peace flow over and through us.

Thanks again for following what the Lord has given you to do in the Body of Christ. MT (NY)