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Dear TBC,

I just don’t understand how Christians can so blindly follow everything and anything that says it is Christian. I feel so strongly that we must defend our faith, that we must stand up firmly and not allow the Gospel to be watered down or changed in any way but it sure can be a lonely place as I have just found out. In my home we will not allow things like The Shack or The Purpose Driven Life amongst many other things. I believe God is calling us to come away from those things.

Once again, I thank you for your website and I want to let you know that some of us do heed your warnings and we do take it to heart. I hope to be able to attend your conference in a couple of years. Blessings to you. NS (NZ)

Dear Berean Call,

I am 79 and was saved at the age of 11….I was very impressed with the article “Christ and Antichrist” by Dave Hunt in the July issue. I do my best to keep my life in order, as I may at any time stand before the God who created me! Wow! What a sobering thought. To see Him in all of His Glory!

I get a little disappointed as I do not see people giving their life to God, but I always remember, and as you have stated in [the newsletter], “we are told to preach the Gospel and not try to change the world.” Today’s message in church was to get stirred up when we hear of a person or church preaching a false gospel. And I really appreciate you telling it like it is and not allowing [some] to discredit what you are doing as you bring the false people into the light. WO (PA)

Dear Berean Call,

God bless you all and thank you for the response. I write many places and sometimes get no response. Being in prison, I can’t jump on the Internet and research. I have to depend on the Bible, of course, and carefully consider the commentary of others. But we know that in this day many are spiritually deaf and blind, however, and their “leaders” deceive untold myriads of believers.

Fairly recently I learned of your ministry from a dear brother who received your newsletter. He used to be into The Purpose Driven Life and he found the truth [about it]. GB (CA, prisoner)

Dear T.A. and Staff,

Thank you for the article “How’s Your Walk with the Lord Going?” (5/17). You are so right about consumer Christians. What a shame that so many are blinded in the “feel good” ministries…. I was also touched in concern over a letter to you saying you are arrogant and critical in calling out the deception of the word-faith ministries.

I was once caught up in that before the Lord delivered me with His truth. What a bondage to be put in, to think that your tongue dictates whether you’re healed or prosperous, etc. It’s a ministry of self-condemnation. Besides that, who are we to think we can dictate to the Lord what He should be doing for us? MT (NY)