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TBC Staff

Dear Berean Call,

I read with interest T. A. McMahon’s 2-part article “Mysticism and the Coming World Religion.” I would like to say that it seems that mention of the growing acceptance of drug use might have been included…. The KJV Bible doesn’t use the word “drug use” specifically, but in two places the Greek word pharmakeia (sorceries) in Rev:9:21 and 18:23 clearly refers to the use of drugs. The reference in 18:23, which announces the destruction of Babylon, seems to speak of both religious and commercial Babylon. Drugs were used in a number of pagan religions in the past, toward which we seem to be moving, and will no doubt be a method of population control in the end times. It has been pointed out that drugs will help make some of the plagues that mankind will suffer more bearable. Not to belabor the issues, perhaps Mr. McMahon could discuss this subject in a follow up. WC (CA)

Dear Sir/Madam [Excerpt],

Just a quick note to greet you and your lovely family before I forget and miss this moment to say “Thank You” for all your immeasurable love and tangible kindness and inspiration through your edifying Bible-based teachings/literature/articles, and email updates. Thank you so much for all your encouraging words of inspiration, instruction and exhortation.

Some relationships and friendships and companionship in Christ become more beautiful over time. Thank you for the color you add to my life. I appreciate you so much and esteem your care, love, friendship and guidance. Yours by His Redeeming Grace. TT (Nigeria)

Dear all at the Berean Call [Excerpt],

I just wanted to let you know that your new website is very good. I like it, and I didn’t realize before this that I could download the monthly newsletter as an MP3 and listen to it, which is often a more convenient way, although I do like to have the PDFs for reference, also.

I also just wanted to let you know that as one who lives in New England [it] has absolutely become a total spiritual wasteland and requires the efforts of well-trained missionaries now as much as any remote, hostile area—and I am not overstating this. We need missionaries of the calibre you would send to any very difficult region of the world, and, having lived here all my life for 68 years, I do know whereof I speak—I do appreciate that The Berean Call has not compromised on anything over the years, and I am very grateful for that….So keep the faith. Don’t give in. If you do, I’ll know it’s really really over! MM (MA)

Dear fellow believers,

I thank you for continuing to send me The Berean Call every month. The newsletter is a blessing of fellowship in the Word. I share all that you have given me with others around me who are hungry for the truth in God’s Word—as opposed to the ever-increasing distortions, perversions, and delusions of the Truth that multitudes appear to be accepting at an increasing pace these days.

We live in this world, but thanks be to our Lord, we are no longer part of it. RW (prisoner, IN)

Dear Tom,

I’m in my seventies—discovered Dave Hunt’s books so many years ago (and not when I was a new believer). Saved by reading the Bible....I just want to say that I know when Dave Hunt died, the idea of succeeding him to take charge of this ministry was overwhelming. I was so blessed by his writings—and now I am being so blessed by your ministry as well. God knew exactly what He was doing putting you in charge. I could say that you have grown into the wisdom necessary to handle the position—or perhaps it’s that you are led by God to realize abilities that you didn’t know you had. You don’t need to fill Dave’s shoes. You are...used by God for your own qualities and abilities that He has given you. The conference is always a treat for me. This most recent one was a special treat...I thank God for you and for the Berean Call for your faithfulness to God’s Word. I am deeply concerned for believers who are being misled by pastors and churches they trust who are confused themselves. I thank God for you often and pray for you as well. God bless you and all who work with you, each and every one. BC (email)