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TBC Staff

Dear Tom [Excerpts],

I believe in literal, normal, plain, common sense, logical interpretation of the Bible. I’m a fundamentalist I guess. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with our local church—we would go somewhere else if there was somewhere to go. There isn’t unless we drive 30-50 miles. By the way, our church is growing like crazy. Seeker friendly definitely gets the number through the door. Our church has installed many special lights in the auditorium—every week, a different color scheme is used all around the auditorium. I don’t think our church is unique, many local churches are likely very similar, When you couple this with the decline in the U.S. and the world, it makes us wonder if Christ’s return for the Bride of Christ is close. Thank you for your work. I won’t use my name because I’m in enough trouble in our church as it is. I’m a believer who is a fundamentalist and is looking for the Titus:2:13 hope. [Anonymous]

To All at TBC,

I thank you all for your fellowship from afar by continuing to send me the monthly newsletter and other publications of The Berean Call. It’s a great blessing and an aid in inciting fellowship with other believers in this dark place. I continue to hope to one day return home to Oregon and to sit in fellowship in The Word with you all there one day, unless of course Christ catches us all away with Him first. MP (prisoner, Mexico)

Dear Berean Call,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your clear response in the August 2018 Q&A section where you explained John:15:16: “Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you.” I have always struggled with that verse in trying to explain my non-Calvinist view, and now I have a better explanation of that verse, not to win an argument, but to win a soul. May God continue to richly Bless You, your staff, and Ministry as you abide in Christ. SB (CA)

Dear TBC,

I really enjoy what you write. I have just read your latest Berean Call and find it so interesting about the Law. The Seventh-day people have a very strong presence on Shine TV [New Zealand]--—they seem to know the Bible so well and are very convincing. I am just thankful for the teaching we have had over the years . . . and we often sing: “Free from the Law, O happy condition! Jesus has died, and there is remission. Cursed by the law and bruised by the fall; Grace has redeemed us once and for all!” KH (NZ)

Dear Berean Call Staff,

Thank you for another wonderful conference. We were delighted to watch it online. Your ongoing faithfulness to our Lord and His Word is a tremendous encouragement to us. The discernment with which the Lord has blessed you has kept us from scampering down cleverly designed “rabbit trails”—and more than once. Thank you. AH (Canada)