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Berean Call Staff,

Thank you so much for continuing to provide the truth of God’s Word to a world desperately in need—including those of us who were temporarily deceived. We are now trusting and thank you for the monthly newsletter and all the available material. I’m so pleased to be part of your ministry—a grateful participant. CW (NE)

Dear TBC,

For the first time ever, I’m disappointed in your Newsletter (Dec). First article [by Dave Hunt]...I find out God loves me but He doesn’t “need” me. Sounds like something a Calvinist might say, as they equate humans with worms. Then I scroll to the Q/A and find out the President can pardon a criminal but he’s zip/zero/nothing compared to Jesus who died on a cross for people.

The point? People who help others are nothing. Only Jesus is somebody. So, now I don’t feel like reading the rest of the Newsletter for fear that it’ll tell me I’m worthless so I should go commit suicide.

Okay, that may have been a little over the top but you really do sound like Calvinists now. Are you angry? Could you guys please just preach the gospel and stop with the God-is-great-but-people-are-dung theology? And is anyone really so superior in loving God the “right way” they should tell the rest of us how to be religiously correct in all these matters? How about some good articles on Prophecy? Or how to stay strong (and be happy) while having to deal with all the wickedness in America now. You know, encouraging things, instead of tearing down things. J (email).

Dear Berean Call,

Greetings and salutations in the Name, Power, and Authority of our mighty Creator. I am deeply and much obliged to you all collectively.The recent TBC newsletter was well written and very inspiring, especially T. A. McMahon’s “Have you left your first love?” article. I recommend TBC to my friends, family, and other prisoners as often as possible. There is intense persecution of Christians abroad and here in the U.S. In prison it is ugly for Christian prisoners. EG (prisoner, CA). 

Dear Mr. McMahon,

I was without The Berean Call for a year and missed it so much. Praise God that the Berean Call is working very hard to keep us on the straight and narrow way. I also think that frequent articles from Dave Hunt’s past writings would greatly be a benefit. You, Mr. McMahon, are also an invaluable asset to us, having been converted to Christ out of Roman Catholicism. Praise God for doing this! I fear the church has become worldly and fails in being a praying church. RB (Canada)

Dear TBC,

I just wanted to say thank you for including the full text of the radio program Search the Scriptures 24/7, since I love to read The Bible and learn more about God’s Word. Thank you for all the various formats and languages in which you publicize and promote the gospel, and not settling for less than His absolute Truth. The full-text transcripts of your weekly broadcast is truly a gift that keeps on giving, just as The Bible is, and I pray you will continue publishing the readable formats as well as the audio and video. May our Abba Father God continue to bless you as diligent shepherds and harvesters of His Gospel. BM (email)