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TBC Staff

Hey Folks at Berean Call,

Many thanks for this programme on Seventh-day Adventism. It was very, very interesting. I was saved from Roman Catholicism, as was Mr McMahon, so I know what it’s like to be raised in a good works-based cult. As a street evangelist in England, I frequently go to Canterbury to pass out tracts and have sometimes met SDAs. Your programme was a big help to me. The Lord bless you in your ministry. BH (UK)

Dear Tom McMahon and the Berean Call Team,

I stumbled onto your website about three months ago....The website has helped me to grow in knowing the Lord and His unchanging Truth. I’m thankful for what [Dave Hunt] has done. Because of knowing this Truth, I am planning to write a monthly newsletter in my local Swahili language to reveal the simple truth of the gospel instead of the current...distorted gospel of prosperity, deliverance, etc. I will certainly use some of your materials, since they are so detailed and well written. This is the least I could do to warn [local] Christians...about false teachings. RJ (Tanzania)

Dear Berean Call

Just a short note to say that I appreciate your ministry and your stand for righteousness and the “old paths.” I’m feeling more and more each day like a “stranger” on this earth. It’s good to find a few like-minded people. DB (NC)

Dear Mr. McMahon,

In reference to your article, “TBC’s Mission, Damage Control” (06/16), although the writers have written several good books about psychology and the church, it is unfortunate that they have gone into the subject of psychology and missions. Their lack of understanding missions shows. I think it is safe to say that they were never foreign missionaries and have little education and/or experience in the field.

I am a retired pilot and am amazed at what I hear from ignorant people that mean well. We all need to be careful not to try to be an expert in something we know little about. GW (MN)

Dear Tom

What you wrote in “Mysticism and the Coming World Religion—part 3” on “Spiritual Protection” couldn’t have been better said. It was a blessing to the soul of this 84-year-old retired pastor after 40+ years in the ministry.

I’m originally from Ireland, so rejoice, especially, in your being saved out of Romanism, which is the deadliest cult in the world. I am going to pass your article on to a new professing Christian. It is so helpful. Read the Word, pray, and fellowship—a true tripod to place under the Christian’s progress. WB (CA)

Dear TBC Staff,

Greetings to you, Berean Call, in the name of Jesus Christ. I am responding to “the issue at hand,” which TBC wrote several [years] ago concerning the idea that “Israel” cannot be “America, for God never made a covenant with America” (see TBC 6/2012; 8/2012). So far I’ve given this article to other brothers in Christ, and they found it interesting enough to keep it. EB (MI, prisoner)

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