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Dear TBC,

Our hearts are full of praise and gratitude to our Lord for you and those like you who have remained faithful and courageous throughout these days of compromise in the Church. This concerns issues on which the Word of God is clear and infallible.

We encourage you to remain strong in spite of the criticism which we know you have received and will continue to receive in greater measure as the days ahead become increasingly dark.

We want you to know that you have helped us very much by confirming our suspicions on many issues, by informing us of other issues to which we had not, as yet, been subjected—by clarifying some questionable issues and for gifting us with a wonderful sense of hope and comradeship in these confusing days. HS (AZ)

Dear Berean Call,

I enjoy your continued “marking” of the enemy—especially particular ones on TV. Please keep it up. I don’t know of anyone else doing it. MO (NJ) 

Dear TBC,

I am glad every time I do receive your magazine from your Christian campus. For in it I get good instruction in God’s infallible word. Thank you for the Bible you sent me, although it was given to somebody else. I hope and pray that whoever got it will find salvation.

My appreciation for the courtesy of sending it. As a Christian I am grateful that he may establish his salvation through this means. I will be glorifying God for this. LC (prisoner CA)

Dear TBC Staff,

May our Lord the Father bless you and your family abundantly in this age, and in that age which is to come. I am grateful that in your mail you answered the question I had and also had me put on your prayer list. For these things I am glad, and ever since, my spiritual nutrition comes from prayer and reading my Bible. LC (prisoner, CA)

Dear TBC,

I honestly do not want this short letter to sound mean. You truly must not think that you are the only ones that teach the truth from the Word of God, so who else in this world would you have no complaints about?

You constantly knock Paul and Jan Crouch and TBN and I would like to know why. Because of the TBN ministry I am a born-again, spirit-filled Christian. I have been a partner of TBN since day one and am still blessed by its ministry. You surely don’t think that Matt and Lorri Crouch can do all that they are doing without the Lord’s help do you?

I am grateful for some of the true heretics that you warn about, but do you not realize the secular and some Christian people that you turn away from God because of some of the things you say in The Berean Call? Even the best will never understand all that the Bible is saying and that includes you. I can’t help but wonder how you reconcile yourself with 1 Chronicles:16:22 and Psalm:105:15, because you do harm some of His prophets. BD (CO)

Dear Berean Call,

Thank you so much for staying true to the Word. Even here in rural America, I’ve seen many changes in recent years. Can’t remember the last time my local church/pastor gave an altar call.

It seems like everyone who walks through the door is assumed to be saved. Even the “contemporary worship” music seems to be less reverent of God and more about us, and our feelings. We are warned in Scripture that this and many other situations represent the “falling away” that would happen in the last days.

I hold on to His Word, look for opportunities to show His love, and pray. Your orthodox teachings help me do that. MA (MT)

Dear TBC, 

Thank you so much for steadfastly proclaiming the truth of God’s Word. May you continue to be blessed and prospering as you faithfully follow Him. We are looking forward with great anticipation to the conference in August. We’ll be glued to our computer monitor for the duration! Awaiting His return for His own. AH (Canada)