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Dear TBC,

I read with interest what you bring about Israel, and I always say, “God said they will get all the land. Nobody can fight with God and win. The enemy can do what they want. They are the losers!”  I’ve been listening (to your program) for many years (I am 93 now), but I can’t help with money anymore, for health reasons…but I can and do pray for the Lord’s work, yours included. You are doing a good work spreading His Word. May the Lord bless and provide. IC (OR)

Hello again, dear brother,

Just a brief line of encouragement: in our little fellowship, we so appreciate your support of God’s people the Jews. Your clarion voice is raised again and again on their behalf. It’s a shame that so few believers share your burden. In the recent past, I was exercising by swimming and was next to a lady who had the reputation of being a devout believer. As our conversation developed, it became apparent that she was devoted to the Palestinian cause, and…felt that Israel had no right to her God-given land. But, glory to God, in the kingdom, when Israel is first in the world, and our Lord Jesus is King of Kings and reigning from Mount Zion, Israel’s land will stretch from the Nile to the Euphrates! (By the by, I did my best to put her right! Sadly, ever after, she swims on the other side of the pool.)

PS: Just after my conversion 64 years ago, I discovered John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress and have read it through again and again and have loved him ever since…. At his larger-than-life “bronze” [statue] in Bedford’s Main Square, both Lin and I re-dedicated ours lives to the Lord and His service. DC (email)  

Dear TBC,

[Regarding] your video on YouTube concerning “Is Psychotherapy Anti-Christian?” I believe that psychology is definitely an attack on Christianity; however, much more is involved here…. [Psychology] is designed to undermine the Word of God, but also the chemicals now being promoted have become a multimillion-dollar business while destroying the brains of Christians so they are no longer able to line their behavior up with the Word of God. They are becoming slaves to voices in their heads and compulsive sin that they are now powerless to control. I came across a doctor on the Internet who was warning of the very serious health dangers of his business, which has very little accountability because they are experimenting in an area that is impossible to diagnose or safely treat…. I have also come across several documentaries on the topic, as well as firsthand knowledge of individuals who have been severely damaged. This all led me to Rev:18:23 [regarding] “pharmakeia” and all of its definitions…proving that we are much closer to the end than we think…. KG (email)

Dear Brother McMahon, 

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All praises and honor and glory belong to Him. Thank you for the monthly newsletters. They are always a spiritual blessing to read. Keeping up with Bible prophecy is my passion in what the Lord has declared in His Word, watching it being fulfilled before our eyes. It is a glory to me, as well as studying the past fulfillments particular to the Nation of Israel. I cannot help but believe we are on the eve of Jesus Christ returning for His saints in the Rapture. GV (prisoner, FL)

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

You have been so faithful in sending us your monthly publication. I can’t remember exactly when it was that Dave came and visited our church. That’s when we signed up for The Berean Call and have been receiving it ever since. We have tried to send some “help” every year considering printing and mailing costs. We look forward to its arrival every month.

You have been faithful in revealing the wily ways of Satan—so important, since he is working overtime because he is running out of time. We live about a mile from Bethel Church in Redding and know many people who have been lured away from Bible-centered churches to attend Bethel because of the many “signs and wonders” that are performed there. Very sad! RB (CA)