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Dear TA and the Berean Call staff, 

I have wanted to write for a long time and finally sat down to do it. Thank you very much for your ministry over the years. I have always enjoyed TBC and read the newsletter each month with great enjoyment. The purpose of my letter is to commend you for your fairness over the years. You see, I was raised in the Cleveland Tennessee Church of God, which is a Pentecostal church. I am now a member of an Assemblies of God church and have enjoyed the media church out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Brother Tom, I am old enough to remember when Jimmy Swaggart had Dave Hunt on his program. Dave had just written The Seduction of Christianity, and I always admired Brother Swaggart for giving the book a fair hearing.... Although I know you are not from a Pentecostal background, you have never been unfair to them. I think that is fantastic! While you very properly critique the excesses of some who claim to be Pentecostal/Charismatics, you are always fair in your analysis. I am very conservative in my Pentecostal experience. I do not support the terrible excesses, nonsense, and abuses that have happened over the years with so many. TBC has been a tremendous blessing to me. I learned doctrine and apologetics from you and Dave Hunt and it has made me a better Christian. DF (KY) 


I read your email and the differences in the so-called Message bible/book. Also, some years ago a church I was attending had us read through Purpose Driven.... I remember not agreeing with various things I read, and especially I could discern that the Holy Spirit was not part of the contents. I was looked down on and felt shunned. I did leave that church. I pray for the Holy Spirit to make me sensitive in discerning lies that creep up sometimes in Bible studies. I’m thankful to know that your ministry continues to stand firm in the truth of God’s Word. NM (email) 

Dear Berean Staff, 

The beginning of a New Year and decade—already the future does appear grim. These are truly days described in Matthew 24 and other scriptures. I’m very thankful for your ministry, which provides truth and comfort and warnings of what’s coming. May God bless you all and the work you do. I’m so thankful to be able to support you with prayer. CW (NE)

Dear Tom and Everyone at The Berean Call,

I had not heard of this current “The Send” deception—at least not by this name. Every movement has to have a new name or title to try to advance Satan’s deceptive pattern. The name may change, but the “experience” is always the same. And there is no repentance. Thank you for your many years of holding to God’s pure and plain Word. RD (NV)

Dear Tom and All at the Berean Call, 

“Tragedy Compounded” is a vitally important message written in the fruit of the Spirit, using sound biblical doctrine by a deeply concerned watchman who has been weeping on the wall for a very long time. Suicide is no answer for anyone. Self absorption, whatever form it takes, denies the needs of others and most of all, denies Christ (Luke:10:27). Yes, the Word of God washes clean our repentant sins and is indeed the only healing balm for all emotional breakdowns, crises, and stresses—available to all who are truly “born again” (1 John:1:6-7, 1 John:5:4-5). It is shocking to witness many Christians embracing the trendy labeling and ghastly solutions of the fraudulent, money-making psychology industry. My heart aches as I daily pray for all affected by the worldly practice of psychology and psychiatry, from its deceived practitioners to its vulnerable patients. All are its victims! This idolatrous organization has no respect of persons—it takes no prisoners. Psychotherapy of the “self” is extremely dangerous, but equally so are the torturous drug regimes and ever-growing bizarre therapies and the “involuntary treatment orders” forced on terrified mentally ill adults and minors. HG (Australia)