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Dear T. A. McMahon and Staff,

Greetings to you in the Most Holy Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for reaching out to all throughout the years, with your monthly blessings and praises. Thank you for sharing the essence of our Creator, which is love, by expressing the Truth, the Love, Life, and the Way. 

We [believers] here at the correctional institution keep you in our prayers. Thank you and your entire staff and families for your spiritual and moral support. Keep up the good work. DM (prisoner, IL)

Dear Brothers and Sisters at The Berean Call,

We so appreciate this ministry and have read many of Dave Hunt’s books. We’ve been enjoying listening to the podcast a lot lately. Thank you for your faithfulness. JF (OR)


Thanks so much for getting me back on the mailing list.... In this Vets’ nursing home, there is not much Christianity goes on. No Christian books, Bibles, not even Christian patients so far. Plenty of Catholics though. Most of the patients have...Alzheimer’s, dementia, senility, etc. There are no true Christian services on Sundays—mostly Catholic, Mormon, Buddhist, and some odds and ends that are not Christian at all.... Anyway, I’m glad to have the Bereans to reach out to, and several of my Christian visitors who are friends. Right now, we are on lockdown because of the virus. No going out and no visitors can come in. I’ll be glad when we get to go out again. YO (HI)

Dear TBC,

I was reading the radio transcript where Tom was having the conversation with Rod Page about Bethel Church. It dawned on me that Israel had the same problem with the Prophet Isaiah. If you will read Isaiah:30:10, it’s shocking that they did not want the truth but wanted to hear smooth things and deceits. They even want the Holy One of Israel to cease going before them. BJ (TX)

To T. A. and All at The Berean Call,

The “Does God Really Care?” article [May 2020] certainly answers that question quite thoroughly. How comforting and assuring in these troublesome times! Thank you. God is most definitely guiding you at the TBC ministry. God bless you—now and always, and keep you well. RU (NM)

Dear Berean Call,

A friend gave me a copy of Jesus Calling. I have read it a few times. It seemed weird to me that she was speaking as if she “was” Jesus, putting words in his mouth. I thank you for opening my eyes to the danger of reading the book instead of just my Bible.. God bless you for what you do. Jesus Calling went directly into the trash. I wish I had a way to burn it. Thank you so much.... I look forward to receiving your newsletter every month. KD (email).

Dear Mr. McMahon and Berean laborers

My thanks to each of you for your faithfulness in bringing God’s light and truth to the Body of Christ and to anyone He is drawing to Himself. I know that constant prayer is what empowers and guides your ministry. Thank you.

In particular I want to thank you for the May 2020 Berean Call in which you devote 1½ pages to a multiplicity of up-building scriptures. I’ve been using these scriptures for personal meditation and Spirit-led prayer. They help fill the void of corporate fellowship during this [time of] “sheltering in place.” The shelter is God’s Word. CE (WA)