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TBC Staff

Dear Berean Family,

Those original books (Occult Invasion, The Seduction of Christianity) were such a blessing in my infancy, and recently I purchased again Seduction to share with brethren on this unit. Not unlike the world, the prison system isn’t welcoming to any truth unless it’s backed up by the RCC, Church of Christ (water baptism saves), and anything that builds up one’s self esteem. RS (TX, prisoner)

To whom it may concern,

I am from a good church where we have a good shepherd who feeds the flock of God; we have a good foundation in the full counsel of God’s Word. I shared about our church because I am blessed, and when we receive your newsletter we are further blessed and edified—because we can tell that you are led and guided by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your stand in these last and evil days. Preach the Word and let Jesus get all the glory. BR (MD)

Dear Berean Call,

Praise God for such a helpful review of Jewish “roots” and the “truth” of not being under “law.” Relief that we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus because of His Grace! TV (email)

Dear Berean Call,

Regarding your radio broadcast on “Has Bethel Church Been Upgraded?”, whatever they want to call this movement, it is all over the place. It’s in big churches and small churches everywhere and because it makes them feel important, it is hard to counter. It is extremely difficult to speak with them about it also, which is sort of like Calvinists...Keep on preaching. (AE email)

Dear Berean Staff,

We really appreciate the Berean Call—only we would like to see more material. The letters you receive show well the in-depth coverage on what is written each month. May God bless you and your families in the new year. LM (IA)