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Dear Berean Call,

I just read “Back to Biblical Basics—Part 1.” As I was reading, I stopped and started over again, this time reading out loud to my daughter. Funny that later on in that article it encouraged parents to ask their children questions to see where they stand—an excellent exercise. I read the article to her and said, “When you hear something false, I want you to speak up and tell me what was false and why, using chapter and verse.” TBC has been a major tool since the beginning through the newsletters and books to teach the truth and avoid the pits in “Churchianity.” I rejoice in the fact that you’re still there and that the next generation can be blessed by your ministry. LB (WI)

Dear Brother McMahon,

I realize you have the ministry of correction, but I can’t abide your critical remarks concerning our brother Billy Graham. Your view of his ministry is opposite of what I know and have read about him since 1948. Therefore, it is with great reluctance I ask you not to continue sending your informative and mostly spiritual letters. RC (CA)

Dear TBC,

I am thankful that you are making all these audiobooks freely available! Also, audio books make it possible for me to “read” more books than I would be able to otherwise. AD (email)


I’m so glad you gave the book Christianity and Anti-Christianity in Their Final Conflict a second life. I truly believe it outlines precisely what will be shaping up in the end. The Antichrist and the Antichrist system has (in my experience, anyway) always been portrayed as a rising up of an evil world system, with an evil bad person rising to take control of it all, who goes around stomping on people left and right—almost a caricature of sorts…the Devil incarnate.

He will end up being that, but he rises to power initially as a really good person, wanting only what’s best for humanity. He will be loved by most of the world, because he promises an end to all the badness and all the evil being perpetrated on you, on me, on humanity. We are hearing the unification mantra more and more now—“We’re all in this together!” Our enemy has built up a bunch of darkness that is oppressing the world, so he can provide a “solution”—a false light, led by one who disguises himself as an angel of light, Lucifer. It’s a sucker punch that will draw in people of all persuasions, including professing Christians. ML (email)


I loved the question and answer in your August newsletter about body, soul, and spirit. This is seismic because psychology and psychotherapy teach that there is only body and soul. This alone should be a wakeup call to cause all Christians to flee their counseling. JS (email)