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Dear TBC Staff,

In a recent newsletter Q&A, two people insinuated that Tom had a sharp tongue and was insensitive. I thought his answers were perfect. I am reminded of other godly men such as Isaiah, Paul, and many others who used words that though harsh were appropriate. Let’s also remember these quotes from our Lord and Savior: “Whitewashed sepulchers,” “Brood of vipers,” and “your father the Devil.” Keep up the fight, Tom. Shallow Christians will always be with us. God will deal with them. JA (ID)

Hi Tom, 

Just read your newsletter. Was Dave talking about Christian Activism already in 1989? I get mail from some of those organizations. One thing they don’t realize is that when there are pictures of celebrities that I don’t believe are Christians but are included in their letters, I’m turned off. 

This is a real issue that we need to wake up about. I won’t support them because the letters never stop coming, and their promises can’t be kept. Thanks for making us see that we are not alone when it comes to reacting to this kind of activism.  Religions that are based on “good deeds” really flock to these causes. CP (email)

Dear Brother McMahon,

I’ve just read the July 2021 issue of The Berean Call. I find it just excellent. Your feature article is good and the answer to the first Q&A on 1 Corinthians:14:32 is the best I’ve ever read or had hoped to read.

A small item in defense of Billy Graham is that he set the gold standard for men in ministry that had to be away from home for extended periods of time. He never left his hotel room without an escort of men faithful to the Word. In my lifetime I’ve heard of some good men who failed and ruined their ministry by yielding to temptation.

Also, brother, I have detected an increase of humility and grace and love in your ministry as the years roll by. RP (MT)

To T. A. McMahon and Staff,

Your June issue was so encouraging in these very troublesome times. In quoting Job 25 and 1 John:5:13, we’re reminded that we have eternal life. What a blessing and comfort. Thank you for these reminders. RY (NM)

Dear TBC,

My husband and I have been unable to watch the conference live, however, we have “tuned in” through the TBC app. This conference, with all the wonderful speakers, has truly been a blessing. Your ministry, unlike so many others, stays focused and helps Christians to be prepared, while reaching out with the Gospel in love and hope to people who don’t know Him. God bless you all. BF (email)

Dear TBC,

[Regarding Carl Teichrib’s message] Thank you, Carl. We need to read out loud chapter 38 of Job to the environmentalists—in fact, the whole book of Job! May we pray for more and more eyes and hearts to be opened to the one living God of the Bible. May we trust and believe Isaiah:40:28-31 and the author and finisher of our faith, Yeshua the Messiah, Jesus. Excellent presentation. Thank you so much. KP (NE)