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Dear TBC,

        Words cannot express my appreciation of this good word on this subject [counseling]. It was point-on with so many of the falsifications within so-called Christian Therapy. Either God’s Word is true or it is not, and as a Christian you are either “hot for God” or “cold.” Period. “Let every man be a liar, but God be true.”

I’ve struggled for over a dozen months with this issue over what to do with depression. In my large library, of course, I have a few self-help books and recall what they teach. With that said, in most cases they refer to this one fact: you must do the work to get better, and only you can do it. So, Christ has done the work, and I must appropriate (take exclusive possession of) His work—the cross—daily. The Calvary Road by Roy Hession, which I read Monday, has encouraged me more as of late than other books, with the exception of the Word of God. “Transform Your Mind with the Word of God.” Thanks for what you do. I’ve been a subscriber since the ’80s. God bless always! LB (email)

Greetings to Berean Call Members,

        I want to appreciate the efforts you have put into the service of this ministry. Thank you for your work. I am using this opportunity also to console you and the family of [your board member] Bill in particular. It is really comforting to us (Christians) to see our relatives and loved ones go to be with the Lord at the end of their life journey. May the Lord of comfort give you the peace for this period in Jesus’s name. Amen. KO (Africa)

Dear TBC,

        Just finished reading your last Newsletter regarding Christian Activism. After finishing, I read 2 Corinthians chapter 10. I have the Henry Morris Study Bible. His commentary on verse 5 reads as follows: “Thus, we are not to use such carnal weapons as bullets—or even ballots—in our battle for the human mind, but the mighty spiritual weapons in the ‘Whole Armor of God’!” Thanks, Brother Tom! LT (email)

Dear Friends,

        Again, I want to thank you for the latest issue of The Berean Call. I liked the reprint of Dave Hunt’s message from 2008 related to the things we are seeing today. I am glad he mentioned names and different “bibles” that we should not use. I especially enjoyed the letters from other members of this ministry. I believe we will be seeing things happen as never before during this year…so keep us prepared by exposing the frauds, but help us all give Christ all of our work and prayers. SR (AR)