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Good evening Mr. McMahon,

To answer your question [“How’s it going?”], my habits of reading the Word daily are stronger than ever, ever since I was introduced to God’s Plan for humanity 6-and-a-half years ago. I was born and raised in a Catholic family, baptised as an infant, received all required sacraments, and married in a Catholic Church. 

My wife and I raised two children in the Catholic faith. 

The Catholic faith we grew up in certainly did not help us find answers to these questions. The Holy Spirit was at work convicting our heart, and God was certainly calling us. Not very long after, when we were asking ourselves these questions, my wife’s sister told us she wanted to meet with us to share some very important information.

We agreed to meet with her on May 15, 2015. We were very curious to know what she wanted to share with us. 

I asked her what was so urgent and what she wanted to talk to us about. She mentioned that the world is prime to suffer great tribulations. The Bible was very explicit and clear about God’s plan for this world. 

For the next three-and-a-half years, I actively read the Bible each day, numerous books by various scholars, theologians, and pastors, listened to hundreds of sermons, debates, Christian conferences, etc. Unfortunately, I discovered that I was being misled and started to feel lost when I realized what I was reading was supporting false doctrines. The Bible and what I was reading did not agree. I started to feel lost and confused. Through God’s grace, I met a pastor on a cruise who listened to my story and suggested a couple of authors. 

Well, fast forward seven months—I decided to attend a Bible study evening on September 18, 2019, at Crosspoint Baptist Church led by the pastor. 

When I shared my concerns with our pastor about being able to defend the doctrines taught at Crosspoint with other Christians, Pastor Michael shared with me an excerpt from the book What Love Is This? by Dave Hunt. This was my first introduction to the Berean Call and the various books by Dave Hunt.

TBC and Dave Hunt’s books, blogs, and interviews have certainly influenced my Christian faith and encouraged me, as my Pastor does repeatedly, to rely first and foremost on the Word. ML (email)

Dear one,

Every morning when I sit down for breakfast—it may seem a bit unusual, but I read, repeatedly, from front to back, no matter what month, day, or year. (Trying to say that I read a part of the Word every morning—starting where I left off the previous morning.) It’s amazing how many things stand out that have not before. In times like this, comforting verses jump out at me and I write them on a small piece of paper and try to always make them available. Kind of decorative ’cause they are different colors.... Sitting here in front of the computer, I have just picked up a bright blue one that has Is. 26:3 and Is. 41:10 on it—wonderfully reassuring verses. With things in the “world” so unsettling, I must have stability, and my Father’s Word provides that. 

Y’all stay well! CP (email)

Dear TBC,

I just wanted to say that I have been so encouraged by the content your ministry has posted on the app. The interviews on Search the Scriptures really help me find answers that I can verify in my study of the Scriptures! I am able to share them with others. Thank you for your work. KS (email)

Dear TBC,

Thank you for your work in the Lord. You have been and still are a blessing to us who look for the soon return of our Lord Jesus. Continue to be encouraged. Thanks to all who make this ministry important by faithful continuance in hearing and doing the Lord’s work (Philippians:2:13). PH (CA)

Dear TBC,

[The Chosen] article was very well written. I, too, dismiss Christian movies as someone else’s interpretation and not of God. Thank you so much for taking the time to analyze and write this article. I will share it widely with my friends who encouraged me to watch the series, which I didn’t. Very grateful. MA (email)