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Dear Tom McMahon and Staff,

I have been receiving your newsletters for several years since before Dave Hunt’s passing, and I look forward to reading them every month. You, along with Lighthouse Trails Publishing, are true “Watchmen on the Wall.” I thank you for rightly dividing the Word of God and staying true to the narrow way—the old path—despite the opposition. LC (NY)

Dear Berean Call,

Your article “The Perfect Spiritual Storm Looming” was absolutely on target. And since it arrived a week or so ago, the signs are even more evident. It seems that every day, there is something in the news, whether national or local, that points to the return of our Lord.

The sad part is that unless people know their Bibles, they see nothing with spiritual eyes. These sorts of articles always catch my interest, as I was raised in one of the “lies,” but Jesus called me out.

My gratitude is endless to Him for giving me a second chance. But as I look at our poor, deceived nation, I see that lies are rampant. People don’t want the Truth. They parade the lies as truth. And Truth is treated as dirt, something to trample on, and it is not just the United States, but the world, that is turning away from everything God-related. For those of us who have lived in “other” times, it hurts, yet it leads to joy, knowing The Lord Jesus Christ is coming! SL (email)


Thank you for your article about Celebrate Recovery, “A Way Which Seemeth Right,” [available at your website - Oct 1, 2005]. I became concerned with this group after the first meeting I attended because of the wording of the Honesty Prayer alone. They recite every week “I am in bondage to sin....” Your articles have opened my eyes to several other red flags. Thanks again. SW (email)

Dear Brothers,

I read your article “Roadmap to Armageddon.” I considered it superb, and an outstanding publication. It was in general acceptance of all the truth concerning what is happening nowadays. Furthermore, it was foretold to Israel what was going to happen.

There is no one to blame except our behavior. We are human and our heavenly Father acknowledged it well ahead of the times.

There is nothing we can do except put ourselves in our Lord’s hands and pray for the best. “Thanks” are many, for keeping us worldwide informed of what is happening in a Christian’s world. LC (CA, prisoner)

Dear Berean Call,

We are encouraged by your stand for the principles of the Word of God amidst an evermore infiltration of the enemy into the Church. He is subtle and wiley and from the outset a deceiver who continues to be so.

We pray for you knowing that you’re on the front lines of this battle, however, we know WHO wins the war.

Continue the work the Lord has set before you to do. FO (WA)

Dear Tom and Staff,

Thank you for your ministry. I know you don’t do it for thanks, but it is truly a blessing.

The series on Mysticism and World Religion was excellent. May God bless you. JA (OR)