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Dear Berean Call,

Thank you for your ministry and being so faithful to God’s Word. Last Christmas, we purchased and sent out 200 copies of Death of a Guru by Rabi Maharaj. Just recently we received a text from someone who had just finished the book. They were so convicted that they purchased extra copies to pass out to family and friends.

We were so excited by the feedback. Yoga has so infiltrated our society, including churches and Christian organizations. We were passing an elementary school and over the PA announced it was time for the student’s yoga class. I was shocked! Anyway, thanks for all you do. WZ (CA)

Dear Brothers and Sisters at the Berean Call,

With all that’s going on in the world right now and getting worse (such as the anti-Christian legislation in Russia), all the abortions in the USA, taxes so high that elderly folks can’t stay in their homes, and the passing of legal use of drugs here and in Israel…with no end to the evil increasing, continue to preach the word of Jesus with all your might. Darker days are coming and time is short. Even so, come Lord Jesus. TD (PA)

To whom it may concern,

Greetings in the name of our Loving Father! I’ve had the opportunity to read a couple of your recent newsletters (part I and II of the Hebrew Roots movement), and greatly enjoyed them. The content and subject matter of those particular issues were of great interest to me, because I often attend the “Messianic” services here at this unit and have been a bit concerned about the practices of some specific brothers. Your discussions on the Hebrew Roots movement has provided me with some much needed enlightenment, as well as some knowledge to assist me in ministering to those who are walking in obvious confusion. AR (TX, prisoner)

Dear TBC,

We preach Christ crucified because it brings believers back to the Cross and the real Lord Jesus Christ. Then the Holy Spirit can work mightily in one’s life (Romans:8:2). It wouldn’t hurt to wrap your messages around the Gospel. Sometimes you have, but not every time [do you] put the message of the Cross in. It’s the Power of God. GB (CA)