Liberian Methodists: Divide in Truth, Don't Unite in Lies |

TBC Staff

United Methodists in Liberia are rallying behind the denomination's separation plan into traditional and progressive denominations, with leaders in the North African church insisting that they must embrace God's truth above man's error – even if it means going their separate ways.

Several amendments were pressed in a declaration during the Liberian Annual Conference on February 16 – in response to the denomination's Protocol proposal for the church's separation – and the most important point was impressed, as follows:

"[For] the common good of the global UMC, we support the need for an arranged separation, since we can no longer exist and function as one denomination; cognizant of the fact that, 'It is better to be separated on truth than to be united on error,'" Liberian Methodists declared.

In addition, better terms were demanded for United Methodists in Liberia, who will be joining a new traditionalist denomination. When looking at the numbers, it becomes apparent that man's separation from God's Word has diminished the membership of the United Methodist Church (UMC) in the United States, while adherence to principles laid out in the Bible has burgeoned membership throughout the African continent.

Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD) president Mark Tooley stresses how parting from God's teaching on human sexuality to embrace the politically correct humanistic approach laid out in the LGBTQ agenda has depleted numbers from the UMC for decades.

"United Methodism has over 12.5 million members globally – nearly half of whom are in Africa, where the church is growing, while the church loses nearly 100,000 members annually in the U.S.," Tooley writes in IRD's blog, Juicy Ecumenism.

"Unlike other USA Mainline Protestant denominations, United Methodism has not liberalized sexually, thanks to growing traditionalist overseas churches that align with USA evangelicals."

As Methodist church leadership in America continues to embrace same-sex "marriage" and LGBTQ doctrine above God's Word on the matter, those ascribing to biblical authority on the matter remain stalwart that no concessions be made to accommodate the progressive bent.

"Last year's special General Conference – organized by USA bishops with hopes of sexual liberalization – instead tightened church teachings affirming sex only within male-female marriage," Tooley notes. "Since then, there's been a growing consensus that the denomination must divide between conservative and liberal wings."

Faithful Liberians made no concessions to their liberal counterparts in America and decided to part ways with Methodists ascribing to sexual libertinism in their theology.

"By unanimous vote of 725 delegates representing 148,000 United Methodists, the Liberian Annual Conference urged amending the Protocol by allowing Africans who join the traditionalist church to retain United Methodism's name and logo with 'appropriate modifications,'" Tooley reports.