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TBC Staff

Seeking and Finding God

The uncertainty of life and the inevitability of death are two of the most basic elements of human existence. Logically, then, what may lie after death deserves at least some serious attention and planning before it may be forever too late. And it is only reasonable that prior to that awesome moment of death, which overtakes all in its own time and without discrimmination, one needs to be absolutely certain what death will bring and exactly why.

ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN? Of course, because nothing less will do. Regardless of one’s religious belief or lack of it, death puts its terminating stamp upon every earthly passion, position, possession, and ambition. There is a finality to death that shouts, “Too late! Too late!”

Inasmuch as death could come knocking at any time, regardless of one’s age, health, or expectations, there is great urgency in knowing with absolute certainty what lies beyond death’s door. No matter how young we may be or how healthy we may seem, that dread event draws steadily and inexorably closer for each one of us--and often comes as an unwelcome surprise.

Dave Hunt  SEEKING & FINDING GOD  p. 6

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