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TBC Staff

[TBC: It is instructive to consider a recent list of questions purporting to help believers find a good church.]

If I were looking for a church to attend in the morning, here are 16 things I’d look for . . . .

1. When I enter do I hear laughter?
2. Are people greeting me as a job or a joy?
3. Does the place look like they were expecting me?
4. Are people buzzing as they greet each other?
5. Is there spirited music playing as people gather?
6. Does the music move me?
7. Do the people on stage look real and engaged?
8. Are the announcements short, strategic, and to the point?
9. Is there a printed outline with Scripture already printed on it?
10. Does the pastor smile?
11. Does the message title promise a relevant topic I am interested in?
12. Does the pastor speak with humility and authority?
13. Do I feel the presence of God?
14. Are people listening and engaged?
15. Is the service no more than 71 minutes?
16. Does it pass by fast?


[TBC: Evidently choreography and stage setting has a higher priority than the following items: Does the Word of God have a preeminent place? Does the music "move" just my emotions or does it turn my attention to God, his attributes, and the sacrifice made for our redemption? Do the sermons edify, exhort, or comfort me regardless of any perceived relevancy in a sermon topic? Other, better questions might be asked as well. So many of these 16 points are superficial and all revolve around the self interest of an individual.]