Love Thyself 2 |

TBC Staff

TBC: Self love and self esteem are twin pillars of the modern Christian counseling movement. This is nothing new. The apostle Paul warned that these practices are key to recognizing the breakdown of society as the last days draw near: " shall be lovers of their own selves..." (2 Timothy:3:2).

In his book "Life in the Spirit," Martyn Lloyd-Jones says:

"The real cause of failure, ultimately, in marriage is always self and the various manifestations of self. Of course that is the cause of trouble everywhere and in every realm. Self and selfishness are the greatest disrupting forces in the world. All the major problems confronting the world, whether you look at the matter from the standpoint of nations and statesmen, or from the standpoint of industry and social conditions, or from any other standpoint -- all these troubles ultimately come back to self, to 'my rights,' to 'what I want,' and to 'who is he?' or 'who is she?' Self, with its horrid manifestations, always leads to trouble, because if two 'selfs' come into opposition there is bound to be a clash. Self always wants everything for it-self. That is true of my self, but it is equally true of your self. You at once have two autonomous powers, each deriving from self, and a clash is inevitable. Such clashes occur at every level, from two people right up to great communities and empires and nations."