Major Hasan Embraces Tradition |

TBC Staff

Major Hasan Embraces Tradition [Excerpts]

November 12, 2009: Major Nidal Malik Hasan's murder of 13 people at Fort Hood on November 5th was the act of an Islamic terrorist. The U.S. government is trying to explain it as just the act of a lone madman, but that's what terrorist attacks often are. Moreover, to try and depict Hasan's act as anything but Islamic terrorism ignores Islamic history. One should also note that Islamic terrorists worldwide are hailing the massacre as an act of Islamic terrorism. Who are you going to believe? Try believing history.

The main recruiter for Islamic terrorism has always been conservative Islamic clerics, especially in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The Saudi brand of Islam, Wahhabism, has always stressed hatred for infidels (non-Moslems) and forcible conversion of everyone, everywhere, to Islam. Religious hatred is nothing new, but Wahhabism is practiced by many Saudis made rich by half a century of increasing oil wealth. Everyone is urged to join the struggle ("jihad") for making the world Moslem. You can do this as part of a group, or, as Nidal Hasan did, as an individual.

This radicalism comes along every few generations. By the 1980s, many Moslems had become disillusioned with socialism and democracy. All along, Islamic conservatives had been suggesting the “Islamic way.” This meant using Islam as a form of government, as well as a religion. This is how Islam worked back in the beginning. Unfortunately, it didn’t work back then. This failure was explained away (as someone else’s fault, or not doing it right, take your pick). And so began the popularity of radical Islam. When you’re on a mission from God, the ends justify the means. It was a small step from accepting the need for an Islamic form of government, and then getting behind terrorism in the name of God. Besides, Arab armies had not been able to defeat infidel armies for a long, long time. Terrorism and the pure hearts of suicidal Islamic warriors would have to do.