Malaysian Muslims to Hire Ghostbusters |

TBC Staff

Malaysian Muslims to hire ghostbusters [Excerpts]

KUALA LUMPUR: Religious authorities in a Malaysian state plan to hire “ghostbusters” to drive out evil spirits believed to have caused Muslims to follow deviant groups, a report said Friday.

The move came after some enforcement officers with the Islamic Affairs Department in northeast Kelantan state were sent out to investigate cult groups but ended up becoming their followers instead, The Star newspaper said.

“Perhaps meals or drinks served to the officers were spiked,” the state’s Islamic department director Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman was quoted as saying.

While Malaysia has a secular legal system, the country is ruled by a ‘moderate’ Muslim majority.

“Muslims in Malaysia come under the purview of religious courts that are not part of the secular federal legal system. Any attempt to deviate from Islamic teachings, or to leave the religion, can bring harsh penalties from the religious courts.”

“Otherwise, it does not make sense how a person with strong faith can easily be overcome by deviant teachings. This is where exorcism may be needed to flush out the unhealthy elements through spiritual Islamic techniques,” he said.


[TBC: Inquiry is the enemy of Islam. Any freedom to examine another belief system is an opening for Muslims to flee the strictures of Islam. That is why harsh measures are required to keep “believers” in the fold.]